The next 70 days are gonna be a blur but the 71st day will make it all worth it, I know it.
Marvellous "Marv" Prins

Template:Aquaopalbook 104 Logs of Summer Vacation is a series by Aquamarinesandopals. It follows Spades' OCs through the summer vacation of 2013, before the main plot of Ever After High's canon starts.

The series is stylized into diary entries written in the summer before back-to-school in 2013. Several different plot threads are alluded to, but most entries show unrelated snippets into a given OC's life, thoughts, and feelings.

The title alludes to the theme song of Phineas and Ferb. The fic was directly inspired by logs Spades read on a stay at a guest house, which read more like a diary than anything else.


Log 1: Marvellous "Marv" Prins

26th June, 2013. In which Marv is excited about his newfound popularity and the future, for once in his life.

Log 2: Rosevelt Aaron Red

27th June, 2013. In which Rosevelt Aaron Red takes a poop.

Log 3: Xinbei "Beibei" Jing

28th June, 2013. In which Xinbei gets stuck up a tree, much to her family's distress.

Log 4: TBR


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