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AJ Charming

Alexander Jupiter Charming, stylized as AJ Charming, [he/him, they/them] is a 2018-introduced and all-around character. He is the son of a King Charming and the successor of the King from the European fairy tale Brother and Sister written by the Brothers Grimm.

At the time of the Rebel Movement, AJ is attending his Legacy Year and currently rooms with Alexandros El Sayed. Not wanting to deal with the drama of his story and the legacy debate, AJ sides with the Rebels.


Before Attending Ever After High

Childhood & Preadolescence

Born in Londust, AJ is the youngest child of King Easton and Queen Journey Charming, and the younger brother of Kaelyn, Liam, and Juniper Charming.

At a young age, AJ started realizing they didn't see themselves as a girl. Afraid of how their parents would react, AJ kept it to themselves. Kaelyn ended up finding out when she found AJ in Liam's room trying some clothing he had outgrown.


Attending Ever After High

Freedom Year


Legacy Year


Yearbook Year


After Attending Ever After High

With Raven Queen destroying the Storybook of Legends, AJ was happily free to do what he wanted after high school. What AJ wanted to do, was to go to culinary school, unfortunately, again, his parents were not supportive. Luckily, his grandparents and Kaelyn were and paid for his schooling. 


Personality & Traits

AJ is a sweet, kind, somewhat shy, and caring young man. He respects people and their choices and believes they are doing what they think is what they want.  He is self-conscious about his appearance at times and because of that, when he's scared or nervous he tends to pull his jacket tighter around him and pull his hair. That's just his way to try to make him more comfortable.

AJ is shy when talking to new people, not sure how to start a discussion. He is extremely shy when he talks to girls, especially pretty ones (he blushed and stuttered when talking to Fay Fairer). He usually rambles about something, mostly on cooking when he's nervous and he does have a small shutter.

AJ isn't the greatest with feelings. He doesn't know how to tell people how he's feeling because he never really had anyone ask how he was feeling back home and when he was growing up. Kaelyn literally, had to force it out of him (which did not end well), before learning a new way to get him to reveal his feelings. Because he is not the best with telling emotions, he's known for keeping all emotions to himself, which over time can cause him to have a mental break down (also doesn't help that he has anxiety).

AJ has anxiety and deals with panic/anxiety attacks that can pretty much happen whenever something is too much for him. The anxiety started when he first came out as Trans, not being female. He is also very shy about telling people he is trans, afraid of how they will react (he doesn't have many people at home to support him). It would take time for him to calm down, but eventually, he learned that calling his older sister Galatea helped a lot and that's what he does when he feels a panic attack coming. Now that he has Citrine, he doesn't call Kaelyn as much but does notify her when he has a panic attack.

AJ's anxiety does cause him to have bad days when he absolutely refuses to leave his room. During those times, Citrine will go and get Liam and drags (or tries to) him to AJ to try to help him. Whoever Citrine gets depends on who stays with AJ. He appreciates his brother coming in to help him, he often worries that he's preventing Liam from living his own life. Liam and AJ have argued over that detail countless times, but Liam always says that he is never a burden to him. 

Physical Appearance

AJ is a young teenager with light skin tone, semi-long dark midnight purple hair, and ocean blue eyes. He prefers wearing silvers, grays, and dark purple colors. AJ's hair is kept in a messy sort of way but still slightly tamed with some bangs hovering over his eyes, Kaelyn has tried to tell him not to cover his eyes but doesn't always work. He also has pierced ears.

In his younger, earlier years, AJ had long, near waist-length dark purple-black hair, normally kept in a half-up, half-down double twist hairstyle, with some bangs slightly pulled to the side.

Hobbies & Interests


AJ loves to cook. He enjoys it very much and finds much joy in making his own dishes. When he was back living with his family, he'd help the cooks with meals and even make something for his older sister. He was scared to cook for his other family so never did.

Horseback riding

When he was a child, Journey would take AJ and his siblings' horseback riding. Though, only AJ really showed any interest. Despite his changes now AJ still enjoys a good ride.

Mirror Blog Posting

AJ enjoys posting pictures involving his cooking and other random things, mostly pictures of Citrine, who he spoils a lot, thank you very much. He often gets Malik Faraji to take the pictures since he's better at it. Because he's shy when talking to people and stutters, he tends to just drop the treats at the person's room then leaves and returns to his dorm to post something to their Mirror Blog.

Powers & Abilities


  • Cooking: AJ often wandered the castle as a young child, trying to find things to do. He eventually found his way to the Chef who taught him how to cook. AJ cooks whenever he can, and loves making his siblings' their favorite dishes, with his own twist. The only thing he cannot do is do multiple dishes at once, he did once, it was not pretty.
  • Horseback Riding: AJ is a very good horseback riding having learned since he was very small.
  • Beginning swordsmanship: Unfortunately, AJ was not taught swordsmanship as his father didn't want him to learn. He only learned thanks to Liam and their grandfather, Colton.

Fairy Tale - Brother and Sister

How Does the Story Go?

Main article: Brother and Sister

How Does AJ Come Into It?

Though not related to any past members of Brother and Sister, AJ was chosen as the new King in his Freedom Year.

Viewpoint on destiny



"Hello, my name is AJ Charming, I heard you like [name of culture] food so I made some for you. Hope you enjoy it!"
— What's AJ's intro note on the food he delivers outside his classmate's and he's too shy to do it in person
"I uh...I brought some treats for you and Destiny, Fay. I uh...hope it helps with studying?"
— AJ shyly telling Fay Fairer and Destiny Claus he brought some French treats and Swedish dishes for them


Class Schedule

Legacy Year

Period 1: Hero Training

Period 2: Wooing 101

Period 3: Heroics 101

Period 4: Cooking Class-ic

Period 5: Kingdom Management

Period 6: Throne Economics


  • His new name is Alexander Jupiter Charming was picked by his sisters Kaelyn and Juniper.
    • The name Alexander is of English origin and means "defending man". This was chosen by Juniper.
    • The name Jupiter is of Old Rome origin and was the Roman name of Greek God, Zeus. Kaelyn picked it as Jupiter was known as "king". She knew AJ would rise against all odds.
    • The surname Charming is a family name.
  • AJ is transgender, however, while most of his family are supportive of his choice, his parents are not.
    • He refuses to tell what his birth name is/was. He's since forgotten in, and only his siblings and grandparents remember the name. 
    • AJ first felt not like himself when he was between 10-12-years-old. He didn't come out officially until he was 12. 
    • Because he has yet to fully transition, AJ has to wear binders, though he absolutely hates them.
      • He once sick and had to go to the hospital because he left a binder on too long; he tries to remember to take them off before he falls asleep. Nowadays, Citrine reminds him.
    • Because he is still a minor and under his parents, AJ is unable to get the surgeries he wants. As his parents haven't done anything harmful to him (or his siblings) this allows him to remain in their care. He has to wait until he is 18 before he could do anything, thus putting him in binders for another two years (which he hates).
    • Many of his files have yet to be changed to his current name, Kaelyn is working on getting them changed.
      • Unknown to AJ, Kaelyn is working with their grandparents to get AJ into their custody so he can finally get what he deserves, the gender surgery.
  • AJ's Thronecoming Gift is the same his older brother Liam got, a sword made by the Family's Blacksmith.
    • If he had not changed, their gift would most likely be something that would keep him occupied while waiting for the Prince Charming to save them.
  • He works part-time at Hearts and Roses Cafe, helping him learn more dishes and cooking skills. He applied by himself, surprising himself and his siblings. Kaelyn often goes there to check up on him and is very happy with his progress. 
  • AJ does not like clothing with real fur; he finds it horrible, yet he is not a vegetarian. He would not survive as a vegetarian, he tried once and only lasted three days.
  • AJ identifies as pansexual demiromantic
  • He responds to he/him and they/them terms, but not she/her, as it reminds him of his former self that he doesn't really want to remember. 


  • AJ originally wasn't going to be Trans; he was going to full male. The idea to make AJ trans came when Shadows read some Fanfiction on a Transgender character. She wanted to expand her characters.
  • Originally, AJ was not going to get along with his siblings, but that was changed.
  • AJ's Pinterest


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