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In Ever After High, the students were going about their business, but Raven Queen can sense a darkness in the air. Hunter swears he’s seen moving shadows in the forest, and Ashlynn feels a disturbance in the wood. Some students have seen yellow eyes staring back at them from the forest.

36 kilometers away, three hours after school begins, the kingdom’s largest military base gets a call from one Professor Baba Yaga, Ever After High is under siege from an unknown enemy. The base scrambles, and the only assassin on the base sharpens his blade, his green eyes sharpening in anticipation of the battle ahead.

Characters in Story

1 Scythe Sasin

2 Pitchness Witch

5 Graceful Charming

6 Glynn Gallant

7 Alidor Grenadier

8 Mariposa Lavador

9 Miriel Kosinski

10 Candance Løgner

11Princess Poem

12Princess Common Sense

13Seraphina Steadfast

14Arion Neptune

15Petronia Vindice

16Aisley Hazelwood

17Jamie Maiden

18Alexandra Wonderland

19Axel Wolf


0800 hours, 16 March, 2015:

Ever After Highschool Courtyard.

Time till attack, 3 hours.

“Raven!” Apple White exclaims cheerfully to her roommate. Raven Queen smiles as she waves to her friend. The two join up, and talk about the classes they were going to have.

“Have you heard?” Raven suddenly asks. Apple looks confused.

“Heard what?” The blonde princess asks.

“Apparently Ashlynn refuses to go into the forest because of an evil vibe it’s giving off.” Raven starts. “Hunter swears he saw shadows moving in it, Cerise can smell something rotting, as well as Professor Bad Wolf and Ramona. Cedar saw yellow eyes staring at the school, and I can sense dark magic coming from it.” Apple blinks.

“Well, that’s a lot of information Raven, please take some breaths in between next time.” Apple says. “It might just be that the Dark Forest found another critter to take as its victim. Or an elderly dark creature passed and thus is releasing its magic.” Apple theorizes. “As for the moving shadows and eyes, might just be a trick of the light.” Raven nods. “Don’t worry Raven, it’s probably nothing.” The two the go about their days, not seeing the glowing yellow eyes watching them from the shadows of the forest.

0900 hours, 16 March, 2015

White Kingdom Military Headquarters.

Time to attack: 2 hours.

“Sir! I’m getting another spike from the Enchanted Forest.” A soldier with a nametag of Evens says. A brisk, intimidating man with a rank of General of the Army and a last name of charming steps forwards.

“What exactly is it? These spikes have been going on for the last week or so.” The General muses. “I don’t know sir, but following the magical signature readings, it magic from the spikes is slowly making its way to the school.” Evens says.

“I know Lieutenant. Have someone on standby in case we need to notify the school. I’ll have rescue choppers primed for liftoff.” The General says, picking up a phone.

1030 hours, 16 March, 2015

Ever After High Headmasters office.

Time to attack: 30 minutes.

Milton Grimm pales as he lowers the phone. His cousin Vinny had called from the military base, saying that something is making its way towards the school, and it is huge. The aged Headmaster turns to his brother, Giles.

“Brother, we have a problem…” Militon says. The two brothers spend the next twenty minutes conversing among themselves.

1050 hours, 16 March, 2015

White Kingdom Military Base, blade training grounds.

Time till attack: 10 minutes. A black cloaked teen stares at the target he just cleaved in half, a bowie knife in his hand. The teen returns to a bench and begins to sharpen his blade when someone bumps into him.

“Evans, be mindful of your proximity to others.” The teen says. Evens nods. The teen sighs and continues to sharpen his blade, until a shrill alarm cuts through the air.

1100 hours, 16 March, 2015

Ever After High

Time to attack: 0 minutes.

Raven and Apple walked through the halls when Apple suddenly stops.

“Apple?” Raven asks, confused.

“Wha-what is that?” Apple asks. Raven looks outside to see the entire Enchanted Forest covered in darkness, a tangible darkness. Beady yellow eyes stare at the school, and then ghostly wraiths swarm towards EAH.

“Attention Students! Please make your way to the dungeons immediately!” Milton Grimm’s voice rings over the intercom. “We are under attack!”

1105 hours, 16 March, 2015

Helicopter enroute to Ever After High.

5 minutes since the attack began.

“Ten minutes till drop sir!” The flight crewman shouts to the black cloaked teen. The teen nods and loads his sniper rifle. “On minute till drop!” The teen stands as the cargo bay doors open as the teen walks towards them. “Sir, do you want a parachute?”

“Synchronization complete. Scythe Sasin, engaging the enemy.” The teen says, before stepping off the helicopter, and falling to the darkened, war-torn school below.

Chapter 1

The rushing of air is heard as Scythe falls towards the ground. His right ear glows as his comm line opens up.

“Sorry I’m late!” A female voice shouts into his ear.

“You’re always late Miriel.” Scythe says in a monotone. Sheepish chuckles is heard from her.

“May the stories help us, the Twin Reapers are showing up at this place, forget the unknown enemy, the school might not be left standing.” The communication officer mutters. A flash catches Scythe’s eye as he looks down to see Raven Queen, with her distinct purple hair, and another female, with long waist length black hair, blasting away the shadowy wraiths. There was a group of students behind the witches. Scythe angles himself towards them, and speeds up, pushing the sound barrier as his eyes glow electric green and his body is covered with armor.


Raven Queen was panting, she had used up a lot of magic, her fellow Witch, Pitchness, seemed to be running out as well.  Her vision was going tunnel, and she didn’t notice the wraith behind her until she was knocked down.

“Raven!” Apple shouts, trying to break out of Darling’s grasp to get to her friend. The Queen daughter flinches as the wraith raises its hand to strike. However a large boom echoes through the air and everyone and thing looks up. A black blur lands on the wraith before Raven, creating a massive crater. Everyone shields their eyes from the massive dust cloud. When it clear, a large black vortex is seen where the wraith was last seen before it disappears.

“Alrighty!” A male voice shouts, and a green cloaked teen with glowing green eyes stands from the crater, a sword disappearing from his hand. “Who’s next?” The wraiths forget about their former prey of the two witches and the group they were defending and rush at the blonde teen in the green cloak. The teen’s eyes glow as a massive scythe appears in his hands. What happened next, only the teen could ever be certain, most say that the teen just vanished, some said that he was moving so fast the eyes couldn’t see it. But the 50 or so wraiths surrounding the group all erupted into black vortexes before disappearing. The teen rests the scythe on his shoulder and he raises his right hand to his ear. “Area 15, clear.”

“Ah! You took them all!” A female voice shouts with a pouty like voice. All eyes turn to military-dressed-blonde girl that wasn’t older than the blonde cloaked boy.

“Well, you should’ve moved faster, Miriel.” The boy says.

“Scyyyyyttttthhhhheeeeee!” Miriel whines.

“Get used to it!” Scythe chuckles. The boy’s emerald bladed and black handled scythe glints in the returning light. The girls sliver bladed and gold handled scythe lies limply at her side.

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” Miriel shouts, as Scythe starts laughing. He stops and turns his head.

“Sis, we have more work to do, lead this students out, I’ll get the rest.” Scythe says. Miriel nods. The cloaked teen flies off into the darkened school.


Scythe was running through the halls when he heard the sound of conflict. Rushing towards it, he sees a two blondes and one brunette female fighting off the wraiths with swords. One blonde, she had blue eyes, and the brunette, she had green eyes, was obviously not as skilled with the blade as the other blonde, whom had hazel eyes, but they got the job done. Scythe’s scythe disappears, and an SR-25 designated marksman rifle appears in its place. Firing the whole clip, he destroys the wraiths around the girls as they each slice up one. Scythe runs up to them.

“You three alright?” He asks, noticing the blue eyed blonde having a cut on her shoulder. He quickly summons his med kit. “May I?” He gestures to the cut shoulder. The three girls look to themselves before the hazel eyed one nods to him. He walks forwards and begins dressing the wound. The blue eyed blonde’s hair wasn’t actually as blonde as he thought, more of a dirty blonde.

“Who are you?” The blue eyed blonde asks.

“Lieutenant Colonel Scythe Sasin of the White Kingdom’s Special Forces.” Scythe says, not looking up. “Yourselves?”

“Ah!” The blue eyed blonde exclaims. “I’m Princess Poemette la Vivian Faith Rhythm of the Kingdom of Wisdom, most just call me Poem!”

“I’m Princess Common Sense of the same kingdom.” The brunette says.

“Seraphina Steadfast, of The Steadfast Tin Soldier.” The hazel eyed blonde says. Scythe nods.

“You three, on me, I can’t leave you here and I don’t have time to walk you outside.” Scythe says, tightening the bandage on Poem’s arm.

“Who are you to give us orders?” Common Sense asks.

“Princess Common Sense, this is a battlefield, as of thirty minutes ago we are at war. I have jurisdiction over you at the moment because you are civilians in a battlefield. Except for Miss Steadfast, but I outrank her so you three follow me.” The three girls blink. Then nod and follow after Scythe as he heads deeper into the halls. They arrive to a split. “Alright, Steadfast, you and Princess Common Sense head to the left. I’ll take Princess Poem and go to the right. Meet back here in thirty minutes.” Sera nods. “Move!” The four split into two and run off into their own directions. Poem with Scythe. C.S with Sera. Both groups not knowing what lies ahead. 

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