This is the third story in my fanfic series. The fanfic series is called Once Upon The End. Enjoy!

A Secret

Chapter 1

Raven just woke up, and as she got ready for school, she was humming. At least until she saw Apple. Something was wrong with her. Her hair was all over the place and she became pale at the sight of Raven.

"What's wrong, Apple?" Asked Raven.

"Nothing, nothing. Everything's fine." Replied Apple in a singsong voice.

"Whatever you say." Said Raven. She must have been imagining it.

Chapter 2

Raven wasn't imagining it. Now it's more or less readers choice. If you would like to find out what was wrong with Apple, then say so in the comments. If not, I will hang it over your heads using subtle hints along the way.

The first one answered, and now I will tell you the secret. Apples hair is a wig because he actual hair was recently chapped off for a sleepover prank.

Chapter 3

Apple ditched all of her classes that day.

She kept trying to make the wig as natural looking as possible.

She was freaking out for the whole day.

Raven now knew that something was wrong.

Lucky for Raven, there was a certain guy that she could make spy on Apple. She just hoped that Sparrow wouldn't fall off of his tree.

Chapter 4

Sparrow was at home base (the tree) with a mirror phone acting as a walkie-talkie and a mirror pad acting as a recorder. He talked into his phone.

"I'm pretty sure this is illegal."said Sparrow, obviously worried.

"You say that like you don't do it regularly."Raven replied.

"Never on Apple."

"On who, then?"

"A true man never tells."

"A true man wouldn't do it in the first place."

Sparrow promptly fell off of his tree. Though Apple was a princess, she did know her way with a wand.

Chapter 5

Apple was nervously pacing her room in anxiety. If anyone found out, it could ruin her reputation. If only she could use the wand and make the hair grow back. She tried a month ago, and it just made it shorter.

Raven was rifling through the teacher's records to see if there was anything in Apple's records. Bingo. A sticky note with the classic incident heading. On it was scrolled: sleepover prank, hair cut.

Apple was finally calming down.

Raven darted into the room and snatched the wig off her head.

Apple screamed.

Raven stifled a laugh.

The Secret was revealed.

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