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A Tale of a Lie is fanfic by FairytaleFangirl24, it is about her first OC Candace Løgner, trying to fit into the school of legends that is called Ever After High.


Chapter 1 is out!: A Tale of a Lie: Chapter 1 - The First Day


Candance Løgner is a second year student and a new a student too. Candance quickly figures out that people aren't going to give her a chance not to lie, so she takes matters into her own hands.

The Cast

Main Characters

Candance Løgner, daughter of the Lair Princess

Medium Characters

Quinn Schauer, daughter of the fearless and foolish younger brother

Gale Wolf, daughter of the White Wolf

Coco-Charlotte Pepper, daughter of The Duchess's Cook

Mentioned/Minor Characters

Alxube Sept, son of Maid Maleen

Merana Little, daughter of the Little Mermaid

Bella Bear, daughter of Baby Bear

Porri Sweet, daughter The Young Girl

Calli Latrans, daughter of a coyote trickster

Trixie Witchcraft, daughter of a witch

Penelope Von Pea daughter of the Princess and The Pea

Canon Characters

All of Them!


Coming Soon!

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