When the world says "give up" hope whispers "try one more time"...
Aaron Triton in "Accepting Who You Are"

Aaron Triton is the son of The Little Mermaid.After discovering he was gay he started having a destiny struggle.After he discovered this Aaron became a full fledged rebel.



Just look at him!HOTNESS!!!Right there.

I feel Cody Christian would both voice Aaron in the cartoon and portray him in real life.Cody shares features with Aaron in my eyes.Since his eyes are already blue he would only need to wear a red wig like Aaron's hairstyle.Though he wouldn't be able to be all buff when portraying Aaron in real life



Aaron is smart,kind,and brave.He gets a little bit to curious sometimes and it gets him in trouble or danger.He is good at dancing and graceful when doing so but,he can be a bit clumsy.Aaron likes to be around his friends and hates when people are mad at him.He wants people to like him even though he is gay.Aaron likes to help others especially his fellow students with their problems like relationships or arguments.


Aaron's bangs and hair color is a bright blood red and short with a slight curl.He has bright blue colored eyes.He is kind of slim and not very muscular.When he changes into a merman his tail is a bright blue color like his eyes.


Adam Charming:Adam is Aaron's roommate and crush.Adam really cares for Aaron but,Aaron doesn't know if it's on a romantic level.Adam is the son of the prince from the Little Mermaid so, they are destined fall in love but then Veronica and Adam end up falling in love and get married.

Veronica Shells:Veronica both like Adam but, they are kind of friends.Even though they both like the same person they don't fight for him.

Mother:Aaron and his mother get along great and they would spent a lot of time together until Aaron left for school at Ever After High.She was the previous Little Mermaid.

Grandfather:Aaron love his Grandfather and he loves Aaron like he is his son.They did a lot together when Aaron was little.He was the one who gave Aaron his magic necklace so he could start school at EAH.

Aunts:Aaron gets along great with his aunts and played with them a lot when he was little.

Cousins:Aaron is very close to all his cousins they all love him very much.They were the fist people Aaron told about his sexuality and they all were happy about it and went to celebrate by watching fireworks from the surface.They are all males.

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