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Abebe Woldemammo is the son of Mammo and the princess from the Ethiopian fairy tale Mammo the Fool.


Name: Abebe Woldemammo

Age: 14

Parent's Story: Mammo the Fool

Alignment: Rebel

Roommate: Pafnuty Sokolov

Secret Heart's Desire: To become a successful veterinarian.

My "Magic" Touch: I am good at working with medicine - and animals!

Storybook Romance Status: I'm not dating anyone right now.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I'm very easily distracted, and I often forget some of the tasks I'm given.

Favorite Subject: Beast Training and Care. There are lots of animals in here, and knowing how to care for them is important.

Least Favorite Subject: Woodshop. The wood shavings in here tend to make me sneeze a lot..

Best Friend Forever After: TBA



Abebe is of average height, with brown skin, curly black hair, and brown eyes. He wears a cream-colored shirt and red pants.


Abebe is an outgoing, highly sociable young man. He is interested in medicine and spends a lot of time reading medical texts. He also loves animals. Not having any interest in following his destiny, Abebe dreams of being a veterinarian. He has a tendency to forget important things.


Tena yistilign! My name is Abebe Woldemammo. I'm the son of Mammo the Fool. I'll tell you about my father Mammo. He was a foolish young man. One day, his mother told him to buy some butter. He did, but on the way home, some local boys told him to carry the butter on his head. He did this, and the butter melted. When he got home, his mother saw that the butter was gone and beat him. After that he had to bring home a cat. On his way home, the cat began to scratch and tear, so he let her go. Thus his mother beat him again. Afterwards, he had to bring meat home from a butcher, but he dragged the meat on the ground and dogs ate it. His mother beat him again. Finally, he was to fetch a donkey. When he got the donkey, he carried it on his back. A girl saw the donkey and began to laugh. The girl's parents saw that his sick daughter, and the father went to fetch Mammo. Mammo married the girl, who was a princess.

I am living comfortably in my grandparents' palace with my parents and my mother's parents. My father has also brought his mother to live with us. I'm the youngest of five children and the younger of two boys. I have a pretty good life in the palace. There's plenty of food to eat and there's a lovely view from the windows. And of course now that my father is a prince he won't have to worry about going to the market ever again, since the servants do it for him.

I've taken an interest in medicine. I spend a lot of my time reading medical texts as well as looking up different kinds of diseases and how to cure them. I've especially taken an interest in animal health. I love animals - I love leaerning about them and finding out ways to help them. I dream of one day being a veterinarian and taking care of all the sick animals out there, as well as protecting them from poachers and natural disasters.

I'm going to Ever After High, where I'm in my first year, and I really like it here. I'm pretty outgoing, so I've made a lot of friends here. I've got a nice roommate and I spend lots of time with him. I also spend a lot of time in the library reading up on animal health and how to help them. I also like swimming, drawing, cooking, and music. Although one thing that's hard around here is being here during the colder weather. Where I come from, it's hot all year round, so coldness is something I've got to get used to.

I do have a bit of difficulties with some things. I'm very easily distracted. I might have one thing I have to remember, and when someone distracts me from it, I completely forget about it. It's especially hard when you have eto remember so many things to do and you needed to write them all down, but you forgot to. I'm trying to make sure I'm less easily distracted and actually do what I need to.

I'm definitely a Rebel. I'm not interested in following my story since honestly, I'm not that foolish. I also want to fulfill my dreams of being a veterinarian instead of just living some fairy tale.


  • Abebe's surname means "son of Mammo" in Amharic, referring to him being the son of Mammo.
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