Abigail JINN is the daughter of the Genie also the Genie of the lamp from Aladdin


She a very nice and kind girl who like her father love to grant wishes she also love to serve her master whenever he or she wish sometime they come true but sometimes they don't and had to be careful what they wish because it might happen releases spected


she is love helping her mother with the cooking and cleaning in the house and her father we've all his granting wishes and bringing fortune and luck and job


She's wearing a blue tank top shirt with green dress and on her head is a little red hair and she's wearing on red shoes the blue stripy socks and she got purple hair

Source Material

Fairy Tale

[Aladin and The Magic lamp]"

How does Abigail Eve come into

some time long had pass Aladdin and the princess got married they have children and soon after had pass and the genie and her Wife had a daughter name Abigail Jinn and she had two Sisters name Ginny Lamp and Genevieve Lamp after the death of her grandmother and she was born to her and her husband the Genie had two sons sam and Homer and they lived in the lamp for 100 years


Father Jinn

my father always love granted wishes some time come true be careful what you wish for

she live in middle East in Istanbul with her Mother and Father Father is the Genie from Aladdin and had two Sisters Ginny Lamp and Genevieve Lamp it is unknown who her mother sometimes he father love talked about her


My best friends of Ever After high is Cole Genie and Ali Sultan we are best friends forever

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