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Lies separate you from the world, and when your not lying help will not come with all of the lies you told.
Adawolfa Cry
Art by Heta
Character Profile
Parent The Boy who Cried Wolf
Parent Story The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Age 16
Alignment Icon-Roybel Roybel Well I personally will do it, but at the same time I don't,
Roommate ''who do you live with''
Secret Heart's Desire To not lie at bad times...
My "Magic" Touch this is how we do it
Storybook Romance Status I kind of have a crush on Cedar Woods...
Oh "Curses!" Moments Well thanks to the blue fairy, I have to lie at the worst possible time.
Favorite Subject seriously what's good about school
Least Favorite Subject this one class i don't like
Best Friends Forever After are you lonely
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