Adien is a 2015-introduced character and a all-around character.

He is a Royal because he wants his destiny expect for killing the magician , his father is Aladdin

and his dad becomes a Royal. He likes to practice his wishes

in his stroy (and a few others).



He is nice to all who is nice he's a person like that


Black hair, Black shoes, Golden pants, and a Red shirt.



Aladdin look up the book

How does Adien Lamp fit into it?

Son of Aladdin he gets a lamp from a magician wishes for stuff. Kills the magician.


Family: dad: Aladdin

he also has sister that is younger and don't go to Ever After High yet.(name: Nya Lamp)

Friends: none yet

Pet: a dog named Lad

Romance: Let's say my princess

. Outfits

Basic Red shirt Golden Pants Black shoes

Legacy Day: what my dad wore when he married the princess

. Triva

. His character song would be Roar by Katy Perry

. He would be voiced by Josey Montana MoCoy(he plays Neighthan Rot)

. He will have pictures soon

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