Running away from your destiny makes it worse. I've learned the hard way.
Adele Beast after her return to Ever After High

Adele Beast is the 16-year-old daughter of Beauty and the Prince from Beauty and the Beast. When her Legacy Year started, she disappeared and was never seen again. She was the first Ever After High student who's said that her story ceased to exist but one day, she returned for good, accepting her destiny.



Her personality is as delicate as a rose. She seems to be always worried about everything. Desperation often leads her into doing imprudent things that harm others but mostly herself. She usually is very shy and quiet but she is able to and will rise her voice when needed. Adele always tries her best to meet everyone without having any bias and be friendly and charming what comes quite hard due to her shyness that won't let her take the first step in making friends or starting conversations.


When she started attending Ever After High she was a normal princess without any beastlike addenda. But when she returned from her escape it seemed, that her destiny already caught up with her: Adele has blonde hair, normally bound together to a ponytail and her body is covered with fur. Her eyes are blue, just like those of her father. She has a pair of black horns on her head and a bushy tail. Though for a beast she appears kinda tiny with a height of only 4'11". However she should not be underestimated as she is able to roar dangerously just like her father.

Fairy Tale: Beauty and the Beast

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How does Adele fit into it?

Although Adele tried her very best to go through her life without any prejudice to others that might appear "different", her endless fear of becoming a monster one day that no one will love grew so big that she started hating herself and her destiny and she ran away in hope to escape it for good. But as she now had alot of prejudice against herself, her fate caught up and made her the new beast, longing for the one true love to break the curse.




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  • Adele is the first Ever After High OC created by bigrika
  • She is a MH-EAH crossover character, meaning, she's present in both universes but not at the same time (just like Cupid)
  • She is the main character of Beauty within the Beast; a MH-EAH crossover story.
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