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Light of the party!

Adeline Light (or Addy, as her friends call her) is the daughter of the princess from “The Light Princess”. Cursed to not have gravity, Addy is eternally optimistic and has her head in the clouds. Even though she tends to be cheerful, Addy has always felt like there was a part of her missing, and is hence a royal to regain her lost gravity.



“Is it a bird? Is it a fay? No, it’s Addy Light here to make your day! Even though she is cursed to not have gravity, Addy is never down in the dumps. While this cheerful princess can be flighty and does not always have her feet on the ground, she is definitely the light of the party. Just make sure her attention doesn’t drift away!”

Sociable, vivacious and cheerful, Addy is a people-person through and through. She is friendly to everyone, and doesn’t care about things that detract from her rosy world view (such as the rumour that rebelling will cause people to go poof). Hence, she is not prejudiced against rebels, and reaches out to them as well.

That being said, Addy can be a bit of an asshole. While she does value the company of people around her and tries to keep the atmosphere upbeat, she also displays an alarming lack of sensitivity when negative events occur, which causes her to make some serious gaffes.

Addy thinks that people should always be as happy as her, yet does not recognise that this may not be what they want or need. As a result, she can be inappropriately pushy and inconsiderate. Futhermore, it is frustrating to confide in Addy. She’s unable to relate with the problems of people who seek emotional comfort from her, and is therefore likely to further hurt them by toxic positivity. Hence, there is a good number of people who think she’s insensitive.

While generally a light-hearted girl, Addy can also seem fake. She never seems to understand the seriousness of things, and often plays negative events off (or ignores them completely).

Now there was something odd in her laugh, as I have already hinted; for the hatching of a real hearty laugh requires the incubation of gravity; and perhaps this was how the prince mistook the laughter for screaming

The Light Princess

Adeline also greatly values freedom — she doesn’t like being restricted by responsibilities or duties (or common sense), the exact opposite of Ting. This allows her to be adaptable to most situations, but also means that she doesn't hold many strong beliefs.

This may be one reason why Addy is so unbothered by, and seems as if she's above, events around her. King Charming said another misogynistic statement? Ting is upset about the bureaucracy? No matter the severity of the event, its significance either flies over Addy's head, or she just doesn't care about it.

Though this may be unexpected to acquaintances or even friends, Addy occasionally falls into melancholic moods (or at least a poor mimicry of it). When she gains her gravity in water and becomes more serious, she is capable of self-reflection, and becomes genuinely thoughtful. story Unfortunately, she forgets about her flaws (or at least why she thought her flaws were important), leading to a perpetual feeling of being lacking when on dry land. She views her story as a way to finally improve herself, and maybe even feel complete.



As the next Light Princess, it is a given that Addy would be fond of swimming. When she swims, she regains her lost gravity and feels complete (albeit much more reflective). Though people have asked her to join the school’s swimming club, Addy refuses to do so, claiming that there is too much commitment.


She's literally a jock. Addy occasionally helps out with the cheerhexing team's formations as a flyer, or joins Briar's hextreme games like beanstalk climbing. Addy has tried Bookball, but doesn't find it particularly engaging since she gets tackled by people and she doesn't like being downed.


Addy has tried the whole gamut of sweets and treats sold in Book-end, and is always on the hunt for more. She is a frequent customer at the Wonderland Tea Shoppe (as well as almost every bakery and cafe near Ever After High's campus — she checks Blondie’s blog often). While she does try to make these treats (she always pulls the treats out too soon and ends up with under baked cookies or half frozen popsicles she still eats them though), she can also be seen trying to lift some from the baking club every so often.

School Clubs

Addy is also part of the Royal Student Council, and enjoys the creative process of planning an event. However, she can be fickle and tends to blow off the responsibility of executing the event. Oftentimes, the onus falls on her cousin, Ting An, to carry out her duties or to force her into the water to regain her seriousness.


Addy is a pretty short girl around the same height as the Wonderlandians. She is quite also tanned and somewhat muscular due to her regular swimming activities. Biceps for life. Freckles everywhere.

When dry, Addy’s hair is blonde, but when she is in the water, it darkens to a reddish brown colour. Though she likes the aesthetic of braids, she doesn’t bother to do them because she can’t be bothered to be still for a long enough time to braid her own hair. She is fond of Ting doing her hair for her though like the spoilt kid she is

Fairy tale – The Light Princess

Full text: The Light Princess

How the Story Goes

A king and queen had a daughter after many years, and the king forgot to invite his sister, Princess Makemnoit, to the christening. Unfortunately, Princess Makemnoit was a spiteful and clever woman. And so, without an invitation in hand, she arrived at the chapel and cursed the princess to lose her gravity.

As the princess grew up, she never cried, and was unable to see the seriousness of situations. With her lack of gravity and gravitas, the princess brought trouble to all.

"Oh Yes," she added, "I remember. I have a curious feeling sometimes, as if I were the only person that had any sense in the whole world."

She had been trying to behave herself with dignity; but now she burst into a violent fit of laughter, threw herself backwards over the chair, and went rolling about the floor in an ecstasy of enjoyment.

Excerpts taken from “the Light Princess”​

The King and Queen refused to adopt the unscrupulous solutions recommended by the court philosophers, Hum-Drum and Kopy-Keck. Even so, they soon learnt that the princess regained her gravity in water. This led to a proposal that the princess' curse would be broken if she cried.

In the meantime, a prince came across the princess swimming. Thinking that she drowning, he tried to rescue her but ended up scolded by the princess. The prince fell in love with her, but realised that he could never marry her the way she was out of water. They often went swimming in the lake.

When Princess Makemnoit learnt that the princess loved the lake, she set to drain it, as well as all water in nature. As the lake drained, the princess became sickly and despondent. To stop the lake from drying up, a living man had to block the hole the water was escaping from

The prince volunteered to be the sacrifice, but demanded a condition: he wanted the princess to accompany him while the lake fills up.

Though the princess was initially unfeeling, she became desperate after realising that the prince would die. In panic, and without regard for the lake, the princess saved the prince when he was about to drown. She brought him to her old nurse, who was a wise woman.

When the prince finally awoke the next day, the princess fell to the floor and cried.

The princess burst into a passion of tears, and fell on the floor. There she lay for an hour, and her tears never ceased. All the pent-up crying of her life was spent now.

The curse was broken and it rained, filling the kingdom once more with water.

So the prince and princess lived and were happy; and had crowns of gold, and clothes of cloth, and shoes of leather, and children of boys and girls, not one of whom was ever known, on the most critical occasion, to lose the smallest atom of his or her due proportion of gravity.

How does Addy come into it?

Addy was the first born of the king and queen after many years of attempts, and likewise was cursed to lose her gravity. Unfortunately, the queen did not have any siblings and Addy’s aunt had passed away years before she was born, so her parents had to consult Headmaster Grimm and the philosophers for her curse. 

Addy’s views on her story

Addy is a royal, as she wants to become more grounded and anticipates the character growth she gets at the end of the story. She thinks gravity is like a magical shortcut, a way to instantly make her "Grown Up tm" and mature. Obviously, this is not the case, as she'll find out when her curse is broken and she tries to adapt to life with gravity.

While she is not looking forward to some parts of the story (namely the loss of her lake and the possible harm of her cousin), she is still willing to go through the story to gain her gravity as she feels like she's perpetually lacking. She assumes that her cousin will survive the lake flooding.

What Addy doesn’t know is that the events do no have to play out exactly as her story suggests for her to gain gravity. The requirement to break the curse is for her to cry, of which there are myriad devastating methods for that to occur.


I don’t think I’ve ever explained this explicitly, but the Light Princess’ curse is to remove her gravity. The effect is twofold:

  1. literally removes her gravity, which doesn’t allow her to fall to the ground or have mass,
  2. removes her gravity in a metaphorical way, so Addy is never serious and is unable to understand that actions have consequences. This means that she literally doesn’t know what negative emotions feel like, which also cheapens the perpetual joy she feels

So many puns

  • Her motifs are: butterflies, feathers, flight, etc. All things that relate to the idea of flying/ no gravity/ floating.
  • I also like alluding to the double meaning of light: so light of the party, the idea of up/down, etc

Name parallels: Addy Light = A delight, which Addy is, to people around her. Line can also be read as Lynn, which means “lake”, a nod to her story



  • it was hard finding a faceclaim for addy who had her energy, but Elle Fanning comes close. Her smile is exactly how I imagine Addy’s!
  • Addy’s MBTI type is ESFP
  • While she usually deslikes being surrounded or feeling confined, Addy makes an exception for sleep. She feels safe since the blankets prevent the wind from carrying her away in her sleep.
  • Addy isn't scared of heights — floating off constantly has acclimated her to it. However, she does feel nervous (which is abnormal for her) when she doesn't have her ribbons or chains and is alone, because she might float away forever and that's pretty terrifying.

Specific things she likes:

  • The smell of the air after raining. Addy grew up in a particularly arid country, and really likes the smell of clean + humid air.
  • Addy listens to nightcore versions of songs 90% of the time, and musicals the other 10%. This really frustrates Ting, especially when she introduces a Snapdragon song and Addy loves the nightcore version instead and exclusively plays it in their dorm (credits to Hiddenfolk for this idea HAHA)
  • Addy really likes watching musicals. She especially loves the song "defying gravity" from Wicked, and can be found singing it in public — she's not particularly good at singing though.
  • Addy's a big fan of puns!

Specific things she dislikes:

  • As a rule of thumb, Addy doesn’t dislike anything. Any negative experiences are seen as “fun!” and she likes experiencing the novelty. Of course, she has preferences, which is why some things are “less fun than others”.
  • The feeling of either being too free or being trapped.
  • Addy really isn’t cool with politics (in the friendship sense, as well as the governmental sense). She doesn't get it, and while she's used to being confused with concepts and ideas, she particularly dislikes talking about politics because everyone gets so weird about it, even Ting (though tbf, Ting gets weird about many things)

The trivia section gets more meta

Fanfiction Appearances


What is my favourite type of tea? Gravi-tea

Addy ordering at Wonderland Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe

I like making new friends, but the best ones are those who stay by you through highs and lows!

ignoring the fact that she wouldn't stick by someone going through difficulties

🦋 "i love your songs!!"
🐲 :) "which is your favourite?"
🦋 shows a 150x higher pitched and faster 'as the dead rose'
🐲 "what"
🙀 "im so sorry we're not actually related"

one day addy and ting will meet snatch and it'll go like this

"if it doesn't harm anyone, what's wrong with living life with ignorance? I'll be a happy fool."

pointed looks at all the aus addy's in

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