iAdira Aimen is daughter of Ali-Baba, The main character from Ali Baba and the fourty thieves. She is a royal; due to liking and embracing her adventurous destiny; yet also she supports the rebels, as she believes than anyone can chose their own destiny.

Adira Aimen, Dughter of Ali BaBa

Age: 16

Alignment: Royal


Star sign: Capricorn

Birthday: 5th January

Story: Ali BaBa and the forty thieves

Secret hearts desire: To lead my destiny independently, and just to have fun with it!

Magic touch: Well, i have no magic, but I am very sneaky and i can do anything without being noticed, like my dad, Ali BaBa.

Storybook romance status: Well, i have a crush; but i wont tell who! If only his friends didn't get in the way of us, we would be a spell-tacular couple- Oh! i said to much hehe!

"Oh curses!" Moment: I love to make people laugh; and sometimes i make hex-ellent jokes, but sometimes they go to far. sorry apple, i didnt mean to laugh at your woodland friends! And i need to stop apologizing so much, the future Ali BaBa never does that!

Favorite food: Chicken. Roast chicken, Chicken noodles, Chicken everything.

Favorite subject: I can't decide really. it changes, but i do adore languages, Hex-istory (history) and science!!

Least Favorite subject: P.E. oh; even the word make me want to want to scream "No." me and heiress usually just hide by the bleachers reading!! :)

Qute: "Run with your mind; do not care what others think; be you"

Best friends forever after: I am friends with most rebels. i liek their attidude; and doing what they want to in their life? im down with tht, even though i think my destiny is spell-tacular. my BFFA's are Heiress King , Icy Queen, Jasmina Agrabah, Una Dea oh! and also Kaiden Splinter.

Roomate: I room with heiress king and Icy Queen, heiress is amazing at decorating while icy is hex-elent at cooking us homemade meals.

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