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Airbenderfreak is a 2002-introduced and all-around mess of a user/mod who needs to get their sh*t together.

Basic Checklist 

why did i write this. why are you reading it

Name: Airy 

Gender: Male, but for more intensive purposes probably demiboy.

Sexuality: Take a wild guess (or just a gander at my 'sona) 

Nationality: Mexican-American, y’all! Gotta love that dual-citizenship.

Location: A small town in the rural country backwash of the northwest USA. Idaho. I live in Idaho. Never come here it’s hella boring. Except when it’s not tbh.

Race: Super mixed but I still pale wtf thanks dad.



Which one we talking about? Half of them are fakey tbh

  • The one I use here tends to be pretty social, so feel free to hmu with anything!


waiting for that glow-up

Interests and Hobbies

meh, tba

Fave Fandom Ships


  • don't even get me STARTED with apple x every girl ever after
  • me x sparrow


these aren't all necessarily my faves but just the ones i made (or involve someone of mine)

Crack Ships

ok theres only one here and thats cause i realized both my feline ocs had pink hair and i wanted to address the coincidence. its a crack ship cause one doesnt go to eah and they would never realistically meet up, among other things sagdjfahj


Indiana Jones/Generic Adventurer AU (???)

random au i brainstormed a year ago and recruited other ocs for but never really developed all that much. pretty much exactly what it sounds like. all i need is a narrative. and villains who aren't nazis ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Quotation1 Not to be racist or anything, but Asian peoples SKHAAAAAAA! Quotation2
i only ever quote this one thing
Quotation1 Frankly, my bitch, I don't give an actual fuck. Quotation2
me, an intellectual