Quotation1 The world will remember Dr Airmid Valerian. I swear to this. Quotation2
Airmid Valerian's diary

Airmid Valerian [he/him or they/them] is the next physician of Death in Godfather Death.

A future doctor in possibly every way, Airmid is an embodiment the principles of science and medicine. Enthusiastic and ambitious to a fault, they are here to succeed and reach whatever potential they can, help however many people they are – no matter the costs.



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Airmid’s first impressions lead people to think of them as an eccentric science-type, full to the brim with innovative ideas and scientific facts. The constant rambling, talking and infodumping, the knowledgeable database of information they carry around in their mind, the strong opinions they have about reforming the medical industry in the future – all of that just builds onto their image.

First off, they’re passionate. They love science, they love life, they love their role as a physician and they love all the nuances that come along with that. Airmid has a drive to succeed, to be the best physician they can be. There’s seemingly no end to the motivation or ambition or determination Airmid seems to possess; they’re an overachiever in every aspect of life they’re good at.

As a result, Airmid’s good at latching onto obsessions, whether it be new medical discoveries, favourite literature, or comfort items.

When Airmid latches onto an obsession, they will talk about it to literally anyone who would listen. They will delve into any of their obsessions to great detail, knowing even the most obscure information. This has led to a tendency for hoards, mostly candles, matches, fire-starting items, books, potted plants, and other things that they collect and love. As well as that, they constantly make references to these interests in casual conversation, even if the people they’re talking to have no idea what Airmid’s referencing. Unfortunately, because Airmid has a liking towards what’s seen as typically ‘academic’ – science papers/articles, Greek/Roman poetry and literature, history of medical studies –, this obsession has led some people to think of them as pretentious.

Airmid does not want to seen as pretentious or a "try-hard know-it-all", mainly because those two things mark them as someone who thinks themself better than other people. Airmid is entirely aware that they're not better than other people. In reality, they're just an ordinary kid with a fascination for some topics and a desire to share this fascination with others, not someone trying to make themself look "smart". The fact that people think otherwise makes them a little sad, actually.

Secondly, Airmid's blunt, speaking their mind all the time, and sometimes forgetting to consider whether or not they sound rude. This physician insists of elaborating on all their thoughts and opinions, making an effort to express most, if not all. Airmid’s strongly believes they were chosen as the next physician for a reason, and that they should do their best to get their voice heard.

Airmid finds difficultly in expressing their emotions outwardly in a conventional fashion. More specifically, they tend to make a lot of use of their hands to express their thoughts, flailing them around and clenching them into fists. In contrast, they use their face to display emotions much less, resulting in blank or plain expressions. This general lack of facial expression has led some people, who don’t know them properly, to think of Airmid as callous or otherwise.

Furthermore, Airmid doesn’t pick up on emotional cues naturally. Although they have made an effort to teach themselves to recognise such cues, the fact that they don’t display their emotions conventionally and the fact that it just doesn’t come naturally has effected how the physician carries themself.

Combined with their inability to pick up emotions and cues, Airmid doesn't really know when they should, in a socially dignified context, to stop obsessing over things so openly. If you asked them to stop, and did so explicitly (as in, actually talking to them), Airmid would take no offence and simply stop. The thing is, most people often don’t say so explicitly and Airmid does not realise.

Above everything, even truth, Airmid values effort and hard work. As someone who started from the bottom and worked diligently to the top (a vaguely respected/venerated position in the young scientific community), Airmid would do whatever they deem moral to keep their status. As well as that, Airmid holds some ambitious, even lofty goals. In particularly, they have a desperation to be remembered, for people to know their name and what they do. After all, all previous physicians in their destiny have been forgotten, and Airmid insists on being the first one to survive the annals of history. And of course, hard work is the path to that success.


Airmid is white, Germanic, with pale skin. They have a very strong face, with a square-ish chin/jawline and a well-defined aquiline nose. Their hair is a dirty blonde, which usually hangs free, or in a loose ponytail or bun. Eyes are green – and usually wide and inquisitive.

Hobbies & Interests

Science (Biomedical Sciences in particular)

To Airmid, science is the pursuit that defines their life. im just going to cut and paste that section on science from their previous personality edit for now

As a scientist and science enthusiast, the domain of science has greatly effected the way Airmid sees the world. They’re a strong believer that logical thought can overcome any problem, and uses deductive reasoning to achieve conclusions. Also, being scientifically-minded as also tend to Airmid being quite open-minded, as they’re willing to change their paradigm of thought to suit new ideas. To Airmid, science is an intellectual challenge and the essence of what being human means to them.

As a result, Airmid is naturally argumentative, being fond of debates and full of wit. Their scientific mind leads them to back up their points with credible and substantial reasoning and evidence. However, paired with their lofty idea of “human intellect”, Airmid is typically stubborn and arrogant, often believing themself in the right. Due to their observant and diligent nature, they often are, and when they’re corrected and when they realise they’re wrong, they make an effort to apologise. Still, they feel ashamed of themself and embarrassed if this is so. This is why, in debates, they always back themself up with facts and evidence, to avoid such moments.

Their scientific view of the world has also led to their remarkable adaptability and flexibility. Because of the obsession for “going down in history”, Airmid is incredibly determined to succeed. The physician believes that those who succeed aren't the smartest or the strongest but those who adapt the most easily. As a result, they are very adaptable – if a current situation doesn't suit their current plans, they're willing to change such plans for the better.

  • They help contribute to a world-wide effort to sequence the entire Fairy Genome, known as the Pixie Genome Project. From their diary, we can deduce that they mainly help by doing spectroscopy. 
  • They have written several papers and given several ReadTalks (TedTalks).
  • According to their diary, Airmid has invented a new method of centrifugation.
  • They have an excessively scientific way of speaking sometimes. It's not really intentional, and certainly they don't speak like that as a way of sounding smart. It's merely how they view/perceive the world.

Candles, Fire, Explosions, and the likes

In the story of Godfather Death, life and light are intrinsically connected. As someone who is obsessed with the former – obsessed with living, obsessed with achievement, obsessed in enjoying this world that they were born in –, it is of no surprise that Airmid is as obsessed with the latter.

  • to a certain extent, they are a pyromaniac. Airmid carries several lighters on hand with them (no less than half a dozen), and perhaps even a few matchboxes (the safety ones!).
  • they stim using lighters – striking them, watching the flame go on and off.

Likewise, on a similar theme, Airmid has a fondness for other forms of combusion.

  • Their favourite kind of fireworks are Roman Candles.


It's safe to say that Airmid views themself as a hero. It may not be a sharp sword they're armed with, but sharp wits, and the only punches they throw successfully are verbal quips, but like a hero, Airmid works for the people. As a physician, Airmid has a natural inclining to help people. They advocate the welfare of people in general and frequently makes donations to charitable causes.


  • Airmid is a fan of "angry, loud rock" and "particularly of the death metal variety". They have also admitted owning long black coats which they wears to concerts of death metal bands.
    • In regards to these bands, they often sneak out of school to attend these concerts.
  • Airmid is familiar with the game of chess.
    • If a reaper comes for you, it's possible to challenge them to a game. If you win, you go free.
    • They're not particularly good at chess, so Airmid is well-aware that they're unlikely to win such a chess match against a reaper. But hey, they cannot deny that they tried.
  • They have a fondness for the Age of Enlightment.

Fairy tale – Godfather Death

How the Story Goes

Wikipedia link

How does Airmid come into it?

For starters, please just have a good read of The Regrettable Accounts of Godfather Death because that explains a great deal of stuff that I can't be bothered to summarise here.

  • Death (Lanius Nightshade – that's his name, let's use it) usually takes his godchild under his wing, rather than simply being a godfather in the background.
  • Airmid's biological father happened to be the man with thirteen children and the luck of the draw at the time.

Opinion On Destiny

It's a nice destiny, they'd admit. It's nice to be a protagonist, it's nice to be hailed as a world-famous physician – the best, even. But as a famous musical said, nice is different than good. 

Airmid finds it fundamentally wrong to have a universal cure, and not to give it to anyone. The point of medicine is so everybody gets a chance in life, that everyone is not snuffed of their potential. In fact, what the physician does in the fairytale goes against the Hippocractic Oath – one of the basic ideas in medicine. To Airmid, the mere fact that reapers get to choose who lives or dies an elitist concept. It undermines both their field and the morals they hold dear.

As for their destined death? It's less of the death itself, but the motive behind it. It's selfish to save a princess simply because you wish to marry her. After all, how is she more deserving of life than any other person?

Additionally, Airmid thinks of their physician role as something fundamentally nepotic. It's only because Godfather Death gave the physician a herb that the physician could succeed – without it, he would be nowhere. Airmid knows that they want to make a change to this world, that they want to be a world-renown physician, and to deserve that title.

There's something to be said for those people who constantly strive. And this physician is determined to go above and beyond the parameters of their destiny. For that reason, they align Icon-Rebel Rebel.


  • The physician was prideful and thought that he was capable of cheating Death. Likewise, Airmid has a certain arrogance to them, believing that they can be the one physician that goes down in known history.
  • Airmid has pyromania, finding comfort in a lit flame. This, and their subsequent obsession for candles and other sources of fire (even carrying several lighters with them to stim), stem from the idea that candles are literally their life
  • Fire is often a source of light.
    • The premise of Airmid's entire personality was actually the Age of Enlightenment itself. 
    • Likewise, in fanfiction, it's really common for Airmid to be compared/paralleled to sources of light. There's several instances in the Manhunt, if you look closely.
  • Airmid's determination to fulfill the Hippocrates Oath and do their best to cure anyone, no matter the costs, might be a subversion of the original physician, who only wanted to cure the people that his godfather wished him to, or those who were rich/powerful/otherwise beneficial towards him.
    • This stems from my own personal belief in the egalitarian nature of medicine, which Airmid represents strongly.
  • His interest in death metal music is a pun on death metal.


  • Airmid's name was derived from Airmid, the Irish goddess of healing, and Valerian, a poisonous plant.
    • This follows the physician naming scheme outlined in The Regrettable Accounts of Godfather Death: deity of healing or eminent historical doctor (first name), medicinal plant (surname). The scheme outlined in the fic is mostly a justification of my otherwise mediocre name choice.
    • Personally, I'm not hugely fond of this name, due to the nationalities/languages of the name not matching to cultural background and his story isn't made too clear. Had I named Airmid later in my OC-making career, he would be Asa Bayer.
  • His birthday is on November the 5th, which is conveniently Guy Fawkes Day/Bonfire Night. That makes them a Scorpio.
  • He has ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    • They like to stim using science toys, like the stuff you can find on ThinkGeek or something.
  • As revealed in Manhunt, Airmid wears fake/pre-tied ties. This is because he can never do up a tie without it being wonky, and that bothers him to bits.
  • In real-world terms, Airmid would be from Berlin, Germany.
    • This is a nod to the famous German pharmaceutical company, Bayer, which was founded in Berlin.


Quotation1 We're philanthropists, not hot headed revolutionaries looking for a fight! Quotation2
Airmid explaining their idea of the Rebel cause
Quotation1 I'm a bit miffed that the tower fell. I was proud of how neatly I stacked all those chairs up. Quotation2
Airmid's love for arranging things asymmetrically
Quotation1 Being a physician, naturally. I wouldn’t mind doing that for the rest of my life. But I want to do more. I want to do research, I want to share that research, I want to break paradigms and rewrite the system. I want to make healthcare more accessible, I want to separate medical institutes and the medical industry from private corporations. I want poor, underprivileged people to realise they deserve the right to healthcare. I want the government to realise everyone deserves that right. I want to get medical insurance incorporated into the state, into the country, into government. I want to make healthcare something for the people, by the people, I want, I want– Quotation2
Airmid, when asked about their future & what they wanted to do, from Airmid Valerian's diary
Quotation1 Only someone clueless about their study would struggle to explain it in layman’s terms. Quotation2
Quotation1 How morbid. Grimm, if you would. Quotation2
Airmid, to Headmaster Grimm, in The Manhunt/Chapter 1
Quotation1 Please, you dismiss truth like a climate change denier. Quotation2
this occurs in one of the earlier chapters of Manhunt do I really have to cite it.