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Who do you think you are????
Aislin to people insulting her friends.

Aislin "Ace" Gadaí is the daughter of The Black Thief from The Black Thief and The Knight Of Glen. She is a fun, outgoing and quirky girl, but she has a fiery temper if you mess with her. She is a firm Roybel with solid plans.

prenounced Aze-lin Gard-ee (Aze rhymes with Daze)


Voice Actor: Saoirse Ronan

Aislin voice is exactly the same as Saoirse's, they both have the light, bubbly Irish voice. She would portray her live action as well.



Aislin is a very kind and sweethearted girl who would go out of her way to help someone in need. But, contary to this, she has a fiery temper if you mess with her or her friends. She has a loud voice and is not afraid to voice her opinion.

Aislin unfortantly carries the paranoia trait from her mother, she got this when her father started weaving in and out of trouble and very nearly got her killed. This made her very weary of strangers and hates being in uncomfortable situtations. Aislin finds it hard to trust people, for obvious reasons. She mostly keeps to herself, but when she gets into a good ol' fashioned scrap she really goes for it having bottled up these emotions for so long.

Aislins main joy in life is playing guitar in the Enchanted Forest. She finds it very serene strumming into the night, her speciality is this song . She also enjoys musical theater, but she hasn't found the nerve to join the club. Aislin loves graphic novels by Cathy Brett and reads in the reading window her dad lavishly forked out for her.

To others, she is seen as outgoing, funny girl who loves to have a giggle but is also a bit shy If you don't know her.


Aislin has natural auburn hair which is straight and has hazel eyes. She also has light olive skin inherited off her mother. Aislin is average weight and 5"12. She is full of scars from her rough-and-tumble childhood.

Fairy tale – The Black Theif and The Knight Of Glen

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The Black Theif (Only picture I could find, he is on the left)- Aislin really hates her father, 


Scythe Sasin- Scythe is a good friend of Aislin, he is a very good friend to her and Aislin feels that nothing would every change the bond they have. Scythe is somewhat of a mentor for her, she looks up to him. He is a shoulder to cry on and a friend to lean on, nobody could ask for anything better.




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