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              Alan Djinn
      Son of Aladdin
               Character Profile
Parent Story Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
Age 16
Alignment Royal
Roommate ...
Secret Heart's Desire I want to continue my story because it is a wonderful story and I will be honored to follow in the footsteps of my father, and I will have many treasures, and a true love
My "Magic" Touch Usually I just wish for something and that thing happens, it's magical, I just think or want? Something, that thing comes to me in a sleight of hand, that is all I want I have.
Storybook Romance Status I'm not in love with anyone, but I'm sure many are in love with me, after all, I am an irresistible prince
Oh "Curses!" Moments Can I have everything I want, but sometimes it's not right, with some people might find me spoiled but all I desire has to be mine, and annoys me when it does not.
Favourite Subject Grimmnastics, I'm the best to get rid of obstacles, after all I am a winner.
Least Favourite Subject Kingdom Management. My father is a sultan, and he'll teach me how to govern my people with bravery and compassion
Best Friends Forever After A Sultan can not pick favorites, after all the other subjects may be jealous

Alan Djinn is the son of Aladdin, he's a good kid, and friendly, but can be very arrogant and annoying when he wants, and have a creative personality and always finds a wild and strange idea to get rid of the confusion it gets



Alan is a rude, spoiled kid, he most often can be arrogant and annoying, but inside is a nice and friendly guy, not just a boring, he is confident and playful, and has a heart of gold


Alan has olive skin tone, honey-colored eyes and dark brown hair. His color palette is: black, white, gold, red, beige and olive green.


The Arabian Nights

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp



Alan, is the son of Aladdin and his princess, he has his father as the greatest hero and tries his best to be like him, he has a good relationship with his family and is a Royal why he wants his father to be proud of it.


It does not have many friends by being a little pampered, but he is colleague of Sparrow Hood , Daring Charming and Hopper Croakington II


Alan has a hazel owl called Persian, she is his main company, and its "security" personnel


He's a bit rude, what makes you think does not like anyone but it is not true because he has a crush on Darling Charming because he think she is bold and beautiful


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