Alana Baba is a 2017-introduced all-around fanon character. Her destiny is to be the next Ali Baba, from the famous Arabian Nights book, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. She wants to make her father and mother happy by getting a job at a cafe in Book End to earn money so that she can have money to live on with when she gets older. She also suffers from short-term memory loss because she always forgets the magic words to open the door to the cave where her father keeps his riches.

She debates whether or not to be a Royal or a Rebel, therefore she stays neutral, in the Destiny Conflict.

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Alana is a young, brave courageous girl, who knows how to stay in her place, but she is always debating her life whether to be the poor peasant she is meant to be at the start of her story or to be a rich character that she is not meant to be in her story.

Hobbies and Interests

She doesn't have much hobbies except to collect different coloured sands. But some of her interests include cooking and cleaning.

She especially likes to cook Desert Desserts.



She has long black hair with a few Blonde streaks in it that she ties up to keep out of her face. Her skin is light brown in colour. She wears a white dress with golden threads to represent her Arabian origin.She wears black leather sandals, as of custom in the desert.

Legacy Day

Her Legacy Day outfit is similar to his Signature outfit. But her dress is shorter in length. She also plaits her her to show off a different style. She also wears Black Leather heels.


Her background history is very little known



Her family has her mother and her father and an older sister who never attended Ever After High


She is good friends with the daughter of Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz


She has a pet Lizard named; Liz.


She does not want to have a romance status at the moment.


  • 28th September 2017: Character was created
  • 21st October 2017: profile art created
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