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Alana Eye
Alana Eye is the daughter of Edward Eye, the youngest son and Marcella Eye, the golden maiden from the story Laughing Eye and Weeping Eye/The Lame Fox. She sides with the Royals, since she loves her destiny and she's pretty much obsessed with it, which leads her to be super optimistic about it. This makes people think she's snobby and boastful.



Alana is very optimistic about her story and is practically obsessed with it. Because of this, she cares about if this matters to her destiny or not, and she's very proud of it. This causes people to think she's snobby and boastful, but in reality, she's not. She just wants to help as many people as she can, and her story is just one way to do that. She is also brave and adventurous, and she wants to go on many adventures as possible. She's a bit of a daredevil and is okay with doing risky things. Alana is also romantic, as it is important to her story, as she says. She knows she has to wait until she finds her true love, but she wants that true love to be Daring Charming, who she has a crush on. She flirts with just about anyone who she finds attractive. Alana can be untrustworthy at times, and she only listens to what her brain says. And she can be forgetful at times, but she doesn't mind all of her flaws.

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