"You Gotta Live Life Before Its Gone." 


Alex is the son of Peter Pan, the protagonist of the story of the same name. It was written by J.M. Barrie and turned into a novel version of the play in 1911 and also the movie in 1953. 


Alex is a very brave and clusmy teen. But he has a very large heart for his friends and foes. He is aslo hyper. Sometime he will behide a very funny or good prank.  He is a just an all farily teenager. Who Cant Fly, Sadly. 


Alex has light blonde hair. dark green eyes, freckles. He wears a short sleeve green shirt with lime green tights that look like tights, he aslo wears pointy bright orange shoes and a smaller version of his father's cap. 

Fariy Tale

Peter Pan  



He has only met Cole and hardly anybody esle. 


He has a bright red lizard with two water toads from Neverland.


He is dating Cole Genie

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