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Alizée Sirocco is the daughter of Pretintin and Nirée from Tourbillon by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont La Force.



Alizée is tall, with long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a sky blue dress with a white cloud pattern.


Alizée is a quiet, stoic girl. She often talks to herself. She has a good singing voice and sings when she is alone. Her view of the world is disenchanted, and she believes that Royals and Rebels are only driven by base desires, hence her neutrality. She sometimes cries for no reason. She remains calm even when she is crying.


Alizée is the daughter of Pretintin and and the one who will wake her step-grandmother Uliciane from her enchanted sleep. She is destined to have a quest of her own, like that of her mother - imprisoned in a palace and assisted by the genius Tourbillon. Alizée has a trumpet that she can use to summon Tourbillon. Alizée does not know if she will be able to redeem Uliciane, for she has little trust in an evil fairy.

Alizée had once been a cheerful girl, but her heart has hardened after gaining knowledge of the Royals vs; Rebels conflict, and of Headmaster Grimm, and she has gained an apathy for people in general. She is quite bitter about the world and believes that the school is actually a cult. Alizée cannot sympathize with either side and believes both of them have ulterior motives.



Alizée lives with her parents Pretintin and Nirée. She has a younger brother named Zephyr, who is twelve.


Alizée is friends with Polyxene Zinzolantin and Casilda Desirs.


Alizée is enemies with both Raven Queen and Apple White due to her rejection of the conflict's importance.


Alizée is dating Lucio Melagrana.


  • Alizée's surname refers to sirocco, a Mediterranean wind originating from the Sahara.
  • If she were an official character, she would be voiced by Rena Strober, who voices Azura in Fire Emblem Fates.
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