Death does wait. As long as it isn't for you.
Allison's personal quote


Personality and Skills

Allison is the son of the Death and is a Royal.

He is an impatient boy who hates to wait for people to do things, but is too lazy to do anything himself so he just complains.

He also procrastinates a lot and has no ambition in life, because that would mean thinking in the future and "thinking is so hard".

Allison is a loner, not by choice but pure exclusion, his treatment could be said as worse than Raven Queen could ever imagine.

One could say that Allison is prideful but, while it is true, it's just because his only company was his family who is very proud of him, so he takes it for himself. Also, since now no one is there to say something good to him, he has to do it, otherwise surrender to eternal sadness.


Alisson is at average height, has an a bit yellowish skin and shining white mid-back lenght straight hair. He also has red eyes. Alisson has a prettiness and shine that is unhumanly.

Original Story

Godfather Death

From Death to Allison

  • Has the ability to bring death people.

How Does Allison Come Into?

Necessity brought him to... exist. He was created by Death being in need of a sucessor, not because the story had to keep on going.



Allison has a good relationship with his family, specially with his creator/daddy, AKA, the Death.


Wasn't very welcome in school by virtue of being who he is, actually, by being son of who he is.


Has a grey rabbit (a killer rabbit) named Blanc.


Read Friends section again.



Usually wears white pants, a golden upper suit and white sneakers. Bear in mind all his clothes have torned ends.

Legacy Day

Wears a torned black long sleeved "gown". The first time he ever after worn black.


"Don't fear me, I mean no harm". That was the stupidest thing I've ever after said.
Allison complaining to himself about how he introduced himself
When I say "or I'll kill you" I don't mean it! I swear!
Allison explaining himself to Headmaster Grimm
Daddy, I told you they'd hate me. But did you listen? No! I think I should enroll Monster High.
Allison talking to his father about his new school and how much he wants to transfer


  • He wasn't born, he was created.
  • He doesn't have a mother.
  • Everyone in school is afraid of him, except the Hook twins (because they are indifferent and probably don't even know he arrived) and James Darling (becuase he reads his shadow, but is too careless to be bothered by him).
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