Alyssa Waters is a 2015 introduced character who is also a new student at Ever After High.Her mother is The little mermaid also known as a mermaid / princess who gave up her voice to seek her true love. When Alyssa 's mother died , Alyssa was born from the magical foam she left behind .Alyssa is a Rebel and friends with Ginger Bread house daughter of the candy witch and Rosabella beauty daughter of Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.Alyssa is also frenemies with Hazel O 'Hair , daughter of Rapunzel and sisters with Poppy and Holly O' hair because she is jealous of her beauty and talent.



Alyssa is a very kind hearted girl but gets jealous often when people pay attention to someone thats not her. Like her mother , Alyssa is born with a beautiful voice and is a talented of swimmer.Even though Alyssa can be mean at times , she also sticks up for her friends and doesnt let them down.


Alyssa has gorgeous red hair which is cut short up til her shoulders.She also has pale white skin and freckeles.Most of the time , Alyssa wears a seaweed and coral dress with jet black heels.


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Her mother is from The little Mermaid and used to attend Ever After high before she died. Alyssa is an only child and has ten cousins. In spare time , Alyssa visits her cousins (also known as her mothers six sisters'children)who also attend Ever After High


Like mentioted before , she is friends with Ginger Bread house and Rosabella Beauty .Alyssa is frenemies with Hazel O'Hair because she is jealous of how pretty she is.She even once tried pulling a villanious prank on her but instead sent her to HeadMaster Grimm's office.Alyssa also some times hangs out with FateFortune(


Alyssa has a small crush on Hunter Huntsman but keeps it a secret because she thinks Ashlynn woudn't want to know.


Alyssa has a pet fish named Sandy and keeps her in her dorm room.

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