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“"Be easy to love, hard to break, and impossible to forget."”
Her motto

Amari Phoenix Onasis, stylized as Amari P. Onasis on official documents, is a 2020-introduced and all-around character. She is the daughter of Venus, from the Greek Fairytale The Cat Maiden, and is destined to take her mother's tale. In the destiny conflict, she sides as a Neutral because she is just fine with her destiny. 



Amari is very charming. She makes friends easily and people naturally gravitate to her. She is pleasant by nature and tries her best to make everyone happy. As a result, she is often a pushover.

Mari seems to float through life, it's the strangest thing. Sometimes when you speak with her you get the impression she's not fully in this life. Maybe the word to describe her is ethereal. People often tell her to get her head out of the clouds and stop daydreaming so much, but that's like asking water to stop being wet.

Mari is very much a romantic, and hopes to find her soulmate one day. She knows she has one, because she has a mark, and is waiting to find him with eager anticipation. Until she does, she amuses herself by shipping different people at EAH.

Mari is a very warm person, and shows affection regularly. She is very touchy-feely and is big on hugs



Amari has raven-black hair that falls in gentle waves to her mid-back. She has big brown eyes and pale skin that resembles porcelain. On her right wrist, she has a red heart that looks like a tattoo but is in fact her soulmate mark. She stands at 5'4, and has a petite figure.

Fairytale – The Cat Maiden

How the Story Goes

The Cat Maiden

How does Amari come into it?

After the tale, Venus met a random guy and had a fling with him. It didn't last long but Venus got pregnant and gave birth to Amari. As such she is set to follow her mother's destiny in the Cat Maiden.



Mom - Venus

Amari is pretty close to her mother.Venus is the best mom in the world according to Amari.



Emil Folsom

Mari and Emil are very close. She very much ships him with Clara, and she hugs him A LOT. She always tries to physically restrain him and make him go to sleep (even though she's tiny and it doesn't do much) Mari also appreciates the fact that Emil doesn't mind if her mind wanders when they speak. Mari would say she loves him very much (in a platonic sense) and she hopes they'll be friends forever.

Carina Hangen

Amari doesn't mind the fact that Carina is 'different', because she's been told she's different or weird too. When she sees Carina crawling, she doesn't mention it and treats it like it's normal. Mari considers Carina a great friend and loves to listen to her stories, sometimes even putting a touch of her own.

Jacklyn O'Lantern




Amari has a fawn called Dearest, that lives in the Enchanted Forest. She's not really a pet per se, but they do hang out a lot and Amari loves her.




Open for enemies!


Amari's main colors are red and cream. She wears a red and cream minidress with a sweetheart neckline, and red heels.


  • Amari comes from the word Ama, which means love
  • Her surname means lover
  • February 14th birthdays are strongly influenced by Venus (according to zodiac) which I thought was neat.



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