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Parent Story Tarzan story (Jane Porter)
age 16 years old
allignment Rebel
Roommate  Ozabelle Emerald
Secret Hearts Desire  I just... I don't want to be expected to be all prim and proper like my mother...shes so perfect... I am just a savage girl...
My "magic" touch Well I am hexcellent at Grimmnatsics, I am extremely flexible, I am also really strong, especially for my age and size... Im only 110 pounds and 5'1".
Storybook Romance Status Well I am supposed to fall in love with an ape man but I don't really know....
oh "curses" moment My english is not the best.... I can speak well... until I have to speak to new people....
Favorite class Grimmnastics definitly, as I said before I am really good at it.
Least favorite class Damsel-in-distressing, Worse. Class. Ever. It's a fairyfail.


Amazonia is a quiet girl. She is shy and an amazing artist, though she does not believe that she has a talent. Shes incredibly smart and very strong. She is strong willed and protects the ones she cares about. she is very flexible, but not always articulate. She is a great friend to everyone, and a huge animal lover. She is quirky and socially awkard. She is not very good at using her words, and she tends to be a bit impulsive. 


'Ama'zonia has curly dark brown hair with light brown high lights. She has blue eyes and light skin. She is 5'1" and 110 pounds. She tends to wear a lot of animal print clothing and movable clothing, instead of wearing the heavy gowns shes supposed to wear.


She is the daughter of Jane Porter and Tarzan, but she is to follow after her mother. She is supposed to be an english woman who travels to the jungle with her father. She is supposed to be there to study the gorillas. While there she runs into some trouble, which is when tarzan comes and saves her. She ends up learning about the gorgillas, stopping Clayton, and staying in the jungle, and marrying tarzan, which makes her Queen of the Jungle.



She is very close with both of her parents, but she feels like her father tends to understand her a bit better. 


She is somewhat friends with her roommate, Ozabelle, but thats about it. She is very close with the Gorillas though.

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