Ambroise Beaumont is the only son of The Enchantress, from Beauty and the Beast. Ambroise is a Roybel, commonly referred to as Royally Rebellious, as he isn't entirely certain of his future or even understanding his role.



Ambroise has oval facial features that appear soft, a pointed chin with stubble on it, golden angular eyes that appear to hold an cool, intimidating look, a somewhat pointed nose, and thin lips that seemingly hold a rather apathetic appearance as his lips remain in a un-moving frown. Ambroise has a pale complexion that make him appear somewhat sickly, platinum blonde hair that appears to look white in certain areas, that is kept in a very neat and proper manner, thin eyebrows; Ambroise stands in at 6"1, and has a thin frame that seemingly lacks any type of muscles.


Ambroise is a calm, and silent young man who normally keeps to himself such as private matters, or his own personal life as he doesn't have too much trust in others. Ambroise has a rather lacking understanding of human norms, and society which in turn can lead him to misinterpret the mundane things of humanity such as believing cellphones contain people trapped within them, despite this he is rather curious about humanity past such things as kindness.

Ambroise normally carries a mature air to himself, but it can crack rather easily if there is something that amuses him as he bores rather easily, and if crossed the wrong way he can become rather vengeful and aggressive if he is betrayed or provoked into fighting. Ambroise shows absolutely no shame in practicing "girly" hobbies such as sewing and knitting, since he finds them to be rather quaint activities to do when he isn't studying and practicing his magic based abilities, and remains unfazed if someone insults him for participating in his hobbies as he dismisses insults rather easily.

Fairytale: Beauty and the Beast

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How Does Ambroise Fit Into It?

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Ambroise wears a white chemise, with a black Cravat tie around his neck, a red vest with the stitched image of a rose on his right breast pocket, accompanied by gray buttons trailing the vest, a pair of black paints with the cuffs rolled up, and a pair of dark brown dress shoes; Ambroise also wears a wears a platinum bracelet on his right wrist.

Legacy Day




Getting Fairest



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