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If you follow the indication, someone will give you a good reward
Amethyst's tagline
       Amethyst Hulda
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Character Profile
Parent Story Mother Hulda
Age 15
Alignment [1] Royal
Roommate Canda Hime
Secret Heart's Desire Be the most popular girl, using my powers and my beauty.
My "Magic" Touch Convince anyone who wants a  sweet "warning" do what I want.
Storybook Romance Status Vrajitor, Vrajitor is the only name that I can say.
Oh "Curses!" Moments Many believe that I am very tough when I want something.
Favourite Subject Princess Design. I love making to compensate the girls who cross my well.
Least Favourite Subject Damsel in Distressing. Women do not need a man to rescue us.
Best Friends Forever After Canda Hime is my sister of other mom, and Vrajitor Oz , one wizard to give me his heart soon

Sapphire Hulda is a 2015-introduced and fiction-only character. She is part of Mother Hulda as the Mother Hulda. She is a Royal in the destiny conflict, punish someone just because his view is strange. Sapphire's main flaw is ask too many favors, just the excuse to punish if they are not met.



Sapphire is a sensitive and emotional girl. She's sweet and imaginative; hopeless romantic and very competitive. But when someone doesn't comply with a favor, take care of the famous "time bomb"

She likes to express herself through music and is quite sensitive, although sometimes it seems a crazy girl.


Sapphire has a variety of gray in the hair, like her mother and not by age, blue-colored eyes and uses lipstick. She mainly wears a black dress with a white belt and red heeled shoes, accompanied a gold bracelet and black bands.

Fairy Tale

Main Article: Mother Hulda



She is the daughter of Mother Hulda


Canda Hime is her BBFA, being roommates is the strongest bond of conection, Amethyst sees Canda as a sister. She is friend of Vrajitor Oz , because she sees him as a boy for a enviable relationship.


The only guy my eyes want is Vrajitor Oz, is so cute, polite, flashy, he has a magic touch.  ==Trivia==

  • Her theme song would be Mine by Taylor Swift
  • Her birthday is on July 13
  • Amethyst seems to adore her name since she discovered that was a gem, she wants everyone to call her Amy, but everyone call her Amethyst.
  • Amethyst's favorite food, is lasagna, that mixture of dough and sauce is very flavorful.
  • She is afraid of the dirt, is terrified to have the dirty dress
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