Love the Soul & the Mind

Beauty can a person's rise to popularity, but it also result in many downfalls. That's what my mom, Psyche always tell me. She had to experience torment herself from my grandmother just because she was called "more beautiful than the goddess herself". I mean, Grandma can be ... over dramatic.

The day I learned that I'll take over Mom's place in her story, I was hexcited about it because I get to meet my Eros the way my parents met. So that's a plus, right? But then again I would have to deal the next girl fulfilling Grandma's destiny.

Chapter 1

I just finished packing my third suitcase and placed it next to the door. I turned around to get one final glance at my room. It looks so empty now that I took down the photos and packed up my décor. My queen sized bed now only had the bedsheets while the covers were neatly folded. My view was interrupted when someone knocked on my door.

"Come in," I said softly. On the other side was my oldest sister Hedone, wearing a beige sweater and black-and-white checkered pencil skirt with matching jacket. Her hair was tied in a French-Braided Updo. "Hey Hedone…," I said sadly. "You already cleaned out your room I see." Hedone sighs and pulls me in for a hug. "Amorette, don't be so down. You'll love it in Ever After."

"But...but I don't want to leave. Not yet." I could hear Hedone sigh in sadness and pushes me away from the hug. "You," she lifts my head up with her index finger. "are going to be just fine. Now back to why I truly stopped by. As the goddess of delight and your sister, I came here to give you a parting gift." She sharply whistled and in my room came a golden Pomeranian puppy. I awed at the sight of him, "Hedone, he's so cute!" I scooped him up and in my arms, he started licking my face.

Hedone smiled, "I'm glad you like him 'cause he's yours." I looked up, confused. "This is my parting gift to you. Aunt Harmonia and I found him alone in the mortal world and decided to make him immortal."

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