Amy Maiden is a 2018 introduced character in the EAH universe. She's the daughter of Apple Maiden from

the Czech fairytale 'Apple Maiden' .


Amy is a very shy person. She only trusts a few people and tends to turn into an apple when she is scared, nervous, too happy or super sad. She takes being a royal very seriously and doesn't like rebels. However, she still accepts her friend Cedar's alignment. She tried to befriend her roommate Stacy Mother a few times, only to be denied badly.


She appears rather short and thin. She has got small lips and always wears a light pink lipstick. She has got wavy long brown hair with reddish streaks in it and wears golden crown-glasses with tree details on them. She wears a light green top with blueish green apples on it.

She has got a light orange short sleeved blouse over it. Her skirt looks like a big red poofy apple, and it has got green "leaves" around the waist. She wears golden high heels, with green apples as the heels, that help to make her appear more tall. She finishes it off with a blueish green purse, that has got an apple on the front.


Her Legacy Day Outfit
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