The best people, darling, are beautiful. The way you look outside has to match what you have inside.

Rouana Canvasbach-Mallard, better known as Ana Mallard is a 2015/2018-introduced and all-around character. She is destined to be the titular character from The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.

Naturally beautiful, and she knows it, Ana is a not-ugly duckling with a hunger for validation and the desire to help others find their inner beauty. She knows she's beautiful, but she wants to know that people think the same of her too.



Most people consider Ana to be vain, narcissistic and attention-seeking. They aren't wrong. Ana is fully aware of the fact that she's beautiful and gorgeous and fantastic, but she always feels as if people don't think of her in the same light. People must think that she will never be like her father, who was beautiful through and through.

She dislikes being compared to her father, or the other previous ugly ducklings. For one, Ana doesn't take well to being inferior. For another, she craves recognition and validation from others. No matter how highly she thinks of herself, other people's opinions of her will always matter the most.

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Ana's colors are directly lifted off of a rouen duck. Her fashion sense seems to favor elegant semi-formal styles. Her hair is brown and cut choppy in a medium length. Her complexion is a warm medium brown. Ana's aqua-colored eyes stand out against the rest of her.


You know what they say, true beauty exists inside and out. I’m already beautiful outside, but proving inner beauty is a tough task.
I'm already visually stunning, and I didn’t need you to remind me of that… but it's always nice to hear you say it.
I would shower you with compliments, because I believe you deserve them. Everyone does.

Fairy Tale

How the Story Goes

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View on destiny

Though definitely willing to follow through with her destiny, Ana feels like other people don’t think she deserves her destiny because of her vainglorious attention-seeking. She is determined to prove the others wrong and show that underneath all her looks, she is a good person.



Ana's father is the previous Ugly Duckling, and despite his realization that he is a swan, he still has some self-esteem issues to work with.





Beauty is Ana's duckling, who is adorable by the way.






Ana's Outfits
Design Comm EAH Ugly Duckling Rouena Swayne

Signature - Royal


Trivia & Notes

  • Rouena? Is that you?
  • Anatina means duck in Latin, which was intended to be her full name. It was instead changed to Rouana to establish a connection with the previous iteration of her character.


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