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Anastasi is the necie of BadWolf, Her mother is Badwolf little sister. As a member of the BadWolf Family she is allowed to be part of the fairytales that family is in. Though she will taking over her fathers story. Though the oldest is sposse to take over Anastasi is more loved to her father and there eldest brother left the fairy tale world.. 

Warnings Anastasia is named after the real life princesses of the zara family of russia. Why because the zaras family where know to have family members in almost ever rolay family from russia to england as the same with Axels family the Wolffangs are the oldest family of the wolf in the western world. Her greatgreat grandfather was the big bad wolf during the ago of the zara family. He loved the family a promissed once he went to the fairytale world he would make sure to that one of the females her name would be Anastasia. his name was Athanasius -meaning immortal. He is still live but living on magic in a hospital.  



Though she is very shy, Anastais is a very kind and cute young girl. Through out her life, she feels rejected by her mother, as he pays more attention to Axel and Kane. This causes her to hate both, but after spending time with him, she learns to care for him.She is very strict, and wants to be a "good-girl", so that she can be of optimum use to on her mother, and hopefully win over his affection. She is very lonely, with no friends. Because of her high-ranking status, she believes that those who are kind to her are usually just trying to suck up to her and her family, so she cannot make any true friends. Most of the children are afraid of her. Her ideals were passed down to her father who adores her.


She has snow white hair with pale skin like there father. She often wears old style russian dresses from the ago of the areas of Russia. similar to the one in the disney movie anastasia. She like her brother can not control her trainsfromtions and often is seen with white wolf ears and a white tail.

Fairy Tale 

Ever story with Wolfs . Her family is part of.

Thought from her understanding she will the next big bad wolf of russia.

How she fits in.

She will take over the role her father gave her as the big bad wolf of the russian storys.




unlike Anastasia. he brother do not taken there fathers name.

Axel Wolf-my stupid elder brother.

Kane Wolf- My eldest brother

BADWOLF-her unlce

Friends-She dosent have any due to be scary to some people


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