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Swan Maidens gracefully dance, while I want to appoint myself as one also as I'm am graceful as them, but they'll never agree..
Anastasia von Rothbart is a 2016-introduced character and all-around character. She is the adopted daughter of the main antagonist, von Rothbart from Swan Lake. An Admirer of Duchess, which makes her a little jealous of her, a bit naive, acts perfect, and to sum it up not a really true villainous soul.


What is Anastasia Like?

Anastasia a girl who you'd say has a not so villanous type personailty, everyone agrees about that but one Swan Maiden disagrees and that is Anci Shàonǚ. Anci seemingly just wants to be the best, at least in Duchess's eyes.

Speaking about Duchess, Anastasia admires her. In a way Ana has a bond to her like she is one of her Swan Maidens, but she knows she isn't all she does know is she is the biological daughter of Rothbart. The reason why she admires Duchess is mainly how graceful she is, and Ana knows about her black swan side she also admires that. Ana is also slightly jealous of Duchess in the same way. She admires her more.

She is also a bit naive, not much judgement or wisdom in her. Even though she has a owl side to her she is not that wise, she will 50% of the time make the unwise choice. Her judgment on things though are usually good with some bad judgment, she precisely can't judge bad to people unless she really see's the need to.

She ends up acting perfect around people, when she truly isn't she just wants to look it, to be popular which she kinda already is around most people. She is

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