The below is the diary of the erm, beloved Angel "Ace" Evelyn, read if your heart can handle it.

Pick A Card

These days anything can be won with a flick of a wand and the placement of cards, its that easy, some could say that’s how I live my life, taking the easy way, but that’s not how I see it.

Okay, so maybe I’ll never be able to make it back to the mad house wonderland was and be able to finally make the queen like me again after the unrulely incident I had with her one frabjous day, but I couldn’t feel more tea-riffic about it, maybe now the other fables will see me as more than a side character…

Why am I so grimm you ask, that is because of the spell spawn Kitty. She stole what belong to me, and I want it back… But to get it back, I’ll have to rely on my cards, just like that one time…

Chapter 1

You’d expect me to be surprised when a certain Kitty pops up in the center of my room at the break of dawn. Infact, I was.

The next Cheshire cat gave me a gigantic smirk, and playfully toyed with my things, before her lips formed riddlish words which only those from wonderland would be able to understand.

“A broken card is equal to a lost cause.”

  • Riddlish – Hello again Ace, should I call you that?

”Cat, shoo.” I rolled my eyes turned away, continuing to count my endless supply of cards, but not before a felt a soft paw on my shoulder.

“Ace. I suggest you follow me.” She had stopped with the riddlish, why so serious all of a sudden? Me and her weren’t exactly friends, to say the least, more on the edge of cursed wannabees. I sat up from my bed and turned back toward her, to see a strange emotion pass through her eyes.

“A hat may be broken, or a crown split at the seams?”

  • Riddlish – Could it be a hatters problem, or an issue with the next queen?

“If a single finger could grow a thousand thorns, and those thorns a thousand more, do the thorns ever stop.”

  • Riddlish – You’re talking too fast, slow down and I’ll answer your question once you follow me.

And me, doubting this more than ever, foolishly followed her.

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