Angel "Ace" Evelyn
Ace Royal Card
Character Profile
Parent Story Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Alignment Royal
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 "A little twist in a card here and there is fine! Just make sure that you realise your messing with the future and not a card."

♣ ♥ ❝Ȼome On! As soon as I walk into the school,I notice some of these royals are just fancy little wannabe's while I'm going to be slaving my life away to my bffa! Talk about friends! I bet those royal princess' know what they're up against, because the Ace has arrived! ♠ ♦

♣ ♥ ❝$o I just met my roomate... Wow, she's tiny! I think she the daughter of thumbelina or something! But to be honest, I find her a tiny bit cute, so for the first time in foreverafter, I actually like my roomate...! ♠ ♦

♣ ♥ ❝$ometimes, well, almost all the time, school is fairy boring! I just wish they had a class just for me, where we get to do whatever we wan't the whole time! ♠ ♦

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