A New Orientation

It's a new year at Ever After High and I already hate it. Headmaster Grimm wants us all to follow our destinies, I'm against it. You see, I don't want to threaten my godson because they cured people! That's cruel and it's not like me at all. I wish to forgive my godson even though the people are suppose to die.

Everyone around me thinks that I'm a 'royal'. But I'm a rebel, I want to choose my own destiny and NOT end up showing my godson his candle and 'poof' the story ends. Also, I see it as if my godson is the main character, not me. Following your own destiny? Ouch.....My desire is to take care of all the children around the world and take care of them, to be so helpful.

'Nuff said.

Chapter 1

Today is my first day at Ever After High. I met my room-mate, Cam Starfruit. She turned out to be pretty nice and good company, she seems to be a big fan of fruits. My first class was Muse-ic, I met Kitty Chesire there and she seems to be so bubbly and bright, but she's ok, but when I got out of the classroom, my ears were blocked, it must be from all that loud music Mr. Piper have been teaching us, ouch.

I bumped into Madeline Hatter on my way to lunch and she invited me to her tea party this evening and she threatened me saying that if I wouldn't come, she would.....well, I didn't understand much of what she said. She have said something like, "I'll gave you a riddle if you dare to giggle". But what I understood was that if she asks me the next day why I didn't come to her tea party and I giggle, she'll tell me a riddle that will make me laugh until I die.... O.O

At the Madeline's tea party, I met a girl named Raven Queen and she is a rebel just like me, well, Madeline is a rebel, too, so is Kitty. So it's like we're a team.

Chapter 2


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