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Lift your head up Princess, or else the crown slips
Annabella's Tagline

Annabella Venezia (she/her), full title Princess Annabella Adriana Venezia, is a 2014 introduced character. She is the oldest daughter of Gabriela Venezia, the previous Bella Venezia's daughter, and her husband, King Aimone Charming, from Bella Venezia. She is currently in her second year of Ever After High.

Having being told from birth that she would follow in her mother's and grandmother's footsteps, Annabella has found security in her destiny as one of the only consistent things in her life. From the death of her grandma, to the separation of her parents, all she knows is that one day she'll live out the Snow White story everyone else before her did, thus siding as a Royal. However, as she's seen what the mere concept has done to her mother and the rest of her family, she's started to grow a little concerned...


Pre-Ever After High

Annabella was born May 20th, 1999 to Gabriela and Aimone Azzurro. Her father was the first in line of their tiny, Italian Kingdom that was currently being ruled by her grandparents- Adriana and Thomas Azzurro.

She was very much the highlight of her parent's light, pampered by not just them but the staff and the rest of her family. She was her grandparent's first grandchild, being only a few months older than her cousin Gianna, and was generally dotted on. Most of her childhood was spent running around the castle and listening to all the staff talk about the drama surrounding the maids and whatnot, fueling her love for gossip and noisy attitude.

Fathers Coronation to the Death of her Grandmother
When she was five, both her paternal grandparents passed away within a couple of months of each other. Adriana had passed away peacefully in her sleep, however, Thomas was still incredibly struck by this. His own personal health started declining to the point he was so ill he never left his room. Within five months of Adriana's passing, the king died as well and the crown was passed to Aimone, the oldest of his three sons.

Aimone, naturally, started to take a lot more responsibilities as king. This caused him to grow distant from Annabella and her mother. At first, it was minor things like he'd stay up later than usual working, and then not showing up to a meeting, and eventually, it grew to the point he was so distant in her life he was merely a concept of a father. Of course, one can't blame him. He was young and lost both of his parents and was already naturally closed off. He did love Annabella a lot and tried to spend as much time as he could with her, but some things just never fell threw.

A somewhat clear sign in the slow but sure drift in Gabriela and Aimone's relationship, Gabriela started taking Annabella to visit her maternal grandmother. Donna, the current Bella Venezia, was still running the inn and as per destiny, Gabriela needed to learn how to take over and so did Annabella (eventually). Gabriela would always go on and on about how sweet and caring Donna was, but Annabella never saw it. Despite spending a lot of time together, Donna and Annabella never developed a very close bond. Donna spoke very few kind works towards Annabella (and it was worse towards her mother but Gabriela never seemed bother by it) and Annabella never practicality enjoyed the visits

When she was eight, her mother had twins named Willabelle and Izabella. Before they were born, Annabella overheard her parents discussing names and her mother mentioned she had a sister named Izabella. This was the first time Annabella had ever heard of her mother having a sister, as she always lived under the idea that her mother was an only child and her father had died. This was the first and last time Annabella would ever hear anything about her mom having a sister.

Despite the birth of her sisters, her parent's relationship was still strained. Of course, it wasn't as strained as it later became (at this point at least Aimone and Gabby had conversations mostly on the daily. Were they civil? Debatly, yes). However there... There was talk. Whispers in the streets, news in the tabloids, gossip in Annabella's grandmother's bridge club. Annabella wasn't totally aware of this, but as she grew older and heard the hushed conversations the servants had behind closed doors, it was always in the back of her mind. Still, to this day, Annabella refuses to believe any of them. Even though now she knows this isn't always the case, she still believed all marriage was Sunshine and rainbows and her mother would never.

Donna fell ill around this time and Gabriela started to spend much, much more time with her, and slowly started taking over the inn. Annabella and her sisters (who were very young, mind you) had to work in the inn or take care of their dying grandmother, who wasn't particularly fond of the twins either. Due to her mother's absence in the twin's lives, Annabella, despite being incredibly young herself, made her self into a mother-like figure for the girl, something she thought they deserved.

This went on for five years until Donna passed away right before Annabella started high school.

Ever After High

Freedom Year


Legacy Year


Yearbook Year






For starters, Annabella is incredibly noisy. This girl is addicted to news and will do anything to get out every little detail from people. It's gotten her into some sticky situations in which her reporter instincts have gotten the best of her and barged into some conversations she wasn't and shouldn't be involved with. Most of her friends are used to her noisy attitude, but strangers? It's good to give them fair warning before involving themselves near her. Annabella has more or less gotten this under some resemblance of control recently do to the certain incidence in which she has shut up entirely, but alas, the girl will not stop.

Annabella is, unsurprisingly, very naturally curious. Which I suppose is very similar to noisy but she's curious about many, many things, maybe not just the sweet details of some gossip going around the 3rd Year lockers. She's the type of person to fall down Wikipedia holes and for a period of time, she gets obsessed with a certain topic, watching all those 5-minute facts videos on Wootube. She would happily dump the random information she knows on a variety of topics, ranging from one specific breed of dog to the economy of Japan.

In a similar vein to her nosiness and curiosity, Annabella is pretty impatient. Maybe it's her inner "spoiled Princess", but Annabella wants things now and quick. If she has to wait for somebody to figure something out, she's done with them- she'll find it out her self. It's hard for her to sit still, always waiting for the next story, the next class, the next break, the next whatever, the world can simply not move fast enough for dear ol' Annabella Venezia.

Despite all the things that have gone down during the course of Annabella's life, she has still managed to be optimistic threw it all (at least for the most part). Do things get the best of her sometimes? Of course, she's human after all, but that doesn't mean she doesn't at least try for them not to, or at the very least not let people know that they do. She's a bright ray of sunshine, she has to be the optimistic one, right? Annabella tries her best to keep the people around her as happy as can be always having an incredibly positive view on life. She's definitely a glass-half-full kind of Princess.

When Annabella was younger, she was very confident in herself. However, as time went on, her confidence slowly slunk. Part of it was due to her mother as she slowly grew into the cruel persona she wears now. Like how her story plays out, Bella Venezia is very jealous of her daughter which seems to be happening with Annabella and Gabriela. Even when Annabella was still relatively young (middle school age), she often heard her mom spewing jealous and cold words about her appearance, and she latched on to them like crazy. She was belittled and couldn't do anything without her criticizing it, leaving Annabella incredibly self-conscious and with very insecure. She's trying her best and knows this is all just for destiny, so her mother doesn't really mean it.

After the birth of her sisters, Annabella had to grow up pretty fast and act as a mother to them. Thanks to this, Annabella has developed a very motherly nature. She's very much the mom friend and the one everyone comes for advice. She's very gentle and considerate, always down to listen to other peoples problems. To cement the mom's friend persona, she always medicine, first aid kit, and snacks in her locker or purse in case anyone needs it. You can never be too prepared.

  • tries to fit in the best she can
  • theres more
  • maybe


Annabella is a short, Italian girl with light skin, hazel eyes, and chest-length brown hair. She's very self-conscious about her appearance and tries to imitate others' hairstyles and makeup.

Hobbies and Interests


As one could assume, Annabella has a thing for journalism. She works for the school newspaper, mainly writing about simple events around the school (she leaves all the gossip for Blondie). Annabella isn't a particularity big name in EAH newspaper world (contrary to how she would like to preserve herself), however, she hopes that maybe this will at least give her a head start for when she's older.

Cooking and Baking




Fairy Tale

Bella Venezia

Main Article: Bella Venezia

How does Annabella come into it?

Annabella's parents were, more or less, high school sweethearts. Minus the sweetheart part. They started dating during Legacy Year cause "You're my prince so I guess we have to" and they had a pretty solid relationship. More specifically, a solid friendship. Anyway, after their story, the two were married in a typical Royal Wedding and some time afterward, Annabella was born, thrusting her into this whole mess.

Views on Destiny

Annabella has watched first handily how the mere concept of destiny can ruin people's relationships with others and their own lives.

Yet still, she clings to like a child clings to their teddy bear.

One of the most consistent things in Annabella's life is her destiny. Her mother has put this idea of being the next Bella Venezia's daughter ever since she was little. So much has happened in her life- the death of all of the Grandparents she's met, the separation of her parents, that its almost like she doesn't know what's gonna happen next expect hopefully she will be able to complete her story.

is there more? good question


  • She's noisy cause she pretty much jsut breaks into some guys house but their robbers its fine.


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Annabella's color scheme is mainly pink, white, and light red. Possible motifs are: towers, trees, hairpins


Annabella's Outfits

Signature - Royals



Legacy Day


School Life

Class-ic Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Georgrafairy II Kingdom Management II Georgrafairy II Kingdom Managment II Free Period
Period 2 Tale-gebra II Free Period Tale-gebra 2 II Free Period Cooking Class-ic
Period 3 Chemythstry II Honors Muse-ic II Chemythstry II Honors Muse-ic II Study Ball
Period 4 Honors Princessology II Hexonomics II Honors Princessology II Hexonomics II Free Period
Period 5 Free Period Grimmnastics Free Period Grimmnastics Environmental Magic
Period 6 Damsel-in Distressing II Honors Science and Sorcery II Damsel-in Distress II Honors Science and Sorcery II Castle Design

Hextra-Curricular Activities

School Newspaper


Dorm Room



  • Her birthday is May 20th, making her a Taurus.
  • Both of her parents are Italian.
  • Annabella is a closeted lesbian and is out to absolutely no one.
  • Legally, her last name is Venezia Charming and for most of her life she simply went by Charming, however, for EAH, she went by Venezia.
    • Her sisters, don't have Venezia in their names whatsoever

Alternate Universe







  • Annabella was once a community OC but was adopted and revamped by yours truly.
  • Heres her Pinterest board


  • Annabella's name (though not chosen by me), obviously was chosen since it had Bella in it.
    • Her middle name, Adriana, comes from Adriana Caselotti, an Italian American Voice Actress, notable for her work as Snow White in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.




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