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Quotation1 Lift your head up, princess, or else the crown slips. Quotation2
Annabella Venezia

Annabella Venezia, full name and title Princess Annabella Adriana Venezia is a 2014 introduced character. Annabella is the daughter of Bella Venezia's daughter and her Prince from Bella Venezia. All she has ever wanted in life is to have security in something, and this security comes in knowing that she has a destiny, knowing that a happily ever after is promised for her, knowing that at some point in time, her life is going to be perfect. Thus she sides with the Royals, and wouldn't dare think about Rebelling and crushing all that security in life she's always had.



You know Apple White? Know imagine her and Blondie became one person, and you basically got Annabella. Being the daughter of a Snow White like character (you know, breaking and entering), Annabella is naturally noisy and wants to know anything. At the same time, she is a Princess, raised to be optimistic, caring, patient, and generally perfect.

Okay, so maybe she isn't patient. Annabella is one of the most impatient people you will ever meet, and wants what she wants now. She's like a less annoying Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's one of those typical princesses trait, true, but it's a typical princess trait for a reason. For one, she's been treated on by head and foot all her life, and with her desire for knowledge, she doesn't want to wait for the information she needs to know.

As mentioned above, Annabella is pretty noisy. She doesn't try to be rude, she just has a desire of knowledge, wanting to know everything about anyone, or any subject in general. As a journalist, she needs all those juicy little details for her works, you know?

This also ties in to something else Annabella is: curious. Not just about others peoples life, but generally just the world around her, and other worlds. She loves talking to students from Wonderland and learning about the place they came from. Annabella also enjoys reading about various subjects, typically whatever seems to peak her interest that particular day, whether that be the history of some random kingdom in the middle of no where or some odd mythological creature.

  • noisy little princess
  • wants to know everything
  • can get anything out of anyone
  • most of the time
  • but will try very hard to get it out of you
  • optimistic
  • really impatient
  • also insecure in so many ways


Annabella is a small Italian princess, with dark, curly brown hair and tan skin. She has dark brown eyes that look black. Her hair is held up in a style similar to this.

Hobbies and Interests

Cooking and Baking




Hair Styling


Powers and Abilities

  • its something like elemental telekinesis

Fairy Tale

Bella Venezia

Main Article: Bella Venezia

Okay so there's this narcissistic innkeeper who always asks if she's the most beautiful person they have ever seen. If they did, she split their cost in half. But then thus one dude is like "no your daughters prettier". The woman got mad, doubled his price, and threw her daughter into a tower.

So then I'm not sure if she just leaves the tower or what but she breaks into these guys cave home because she can open cave doors apparently. She steals their food and cleans up the place. The Robbers are chill and say she can be their sister. Then a robber ends up at the inn and tells Bella Venezia that the girl with him is prettier than her. So then Bella goes off and orders this witch to kill her daughter.

The Witch shoved a hair pin into and killed her because that's great. The Robbers bury her under a willow tree and then some prince comes and his dogs smell her. He took her to his castle and would not leave her side. His mom was mad and really wanted him to clean her (the girls) hair. Its weird. So then the pin comes out and there married.

How does Annabella come into it?

Gabriela and Aimone were high school sweethearts who completed their destiny and got married. And then everything went south. As part of their destiny that extended beyond "The End", Gabriela took over her mother's inn after Annabella was born. As Annabella got older and older, Gabriela started to turn into more of Bella. When she and all the other Bella Venezia's daughters before her had signed, they weren't just signing as her daughter, but also to become Bella Venezia herself. Aimone had fallen out of love with Gabriela, but the two only stay together because they have three children.

Views on Destiny

Annabella loves her destiny. I mean, yeah there's that whole pin stuck in her head thing that doesn't make any sense, but honestly, she loves it. The only minor quarrel is that she honestly has no desire to be saved by a Prince in anyway, and it's not like she does have a choice to deny them, since she'll be under ground and unconscious, but hey, if Apple can get Darling, then maybe Annabella can in some way...

And then there's something most people don't mention: her other destiny. She's not just signing to be Bella Venezia's daughter, but Bella Venezia herself. Every Bella Venezia was Bella Venezia's daughter at one point in time, and Annabella is no different. It's true, she doesn't like to mention it, she doesn't want to talk about her whole life be stripped away, to leave being a Princess or Queen to take over the family business of being an innkeeper.


  • "She Can Get Anything out of Anyone", reference to how her mother opened the cave door.
  • Also, why is she impatient? If you think about it, could Ms. Venezia's daughter you know, wait for the Robbers to come home before she robs the robbers?
  • The reason she enjoys styling hair Is a reference to how the prince fixed Bella Venezia‘s daughter’s hair to find the pin.
  • Her pet bird, which is a songbird, is known for hanging around willow trees, which her mother was buried under.



Grandfather Venezia
Bella Venezia
Gabriella Venezia
Aimone Venezia
Annabella Venezia
Willabelle Venezia
Izabella Venezia

Aimone Venezia (Father)

  • stressed
  • tired
  • her parents weren't divorced, but they might as well have been.
  • spend the weekdays up in the castle with him.
  • daddys girl
  • kind old fashion.
  • “you don’t go on a date with someone, you marry the dead girl you found”
  • okay he never said that but he said something around those lines.

Gabriela Venezia (Mother)

Annabella and her mother used to be very close when she was younger, and she has very fond memories of her mother being a sweet and caring character. However, those memories were from a while ago and very few in number. Probably sometimes after Isabella was born (though, Isabella wasn't the reason for this change), Gabriela slowly started to change, personality wise. For a while, she still was a very caring mother but she started to grow cold and distant, specifically towards Annabella and her father.

Sometime after Annabella's grandmother died was when the real change happened. Her parents started fitting more frequently and Gabriela moved out of the castle to take care of the inn, taking the children with her. Annabella and her sisters worked at the inn as well, but the three of them longed for the days when they all lived together. Annabella has noted that her mother grew vain and obsessed with her own beauty and didn't seem to care much for her children any more.

Willabelle Venezia (Younger Sister)


Isabella Venezia (Youngest Sister)


The Robbers (Honorary Uncle)


Ashley "Ash" Robber (Honorary Cousin)


Bella Venezia (Maternal Gradnmother; Deceased)


Other Family Members

  • Unnamed Maternal Grandfather. Divorced from Bella soon after Gabriela was born. He’s alive, and sees Annabella on birthdays.
    • He's also a King.
  • Unnamed Paternal Grandmother.
  • Unnamed Paternal Grandfather. Deceased.


She is open for friends

Apple White

Apple and Annabella's mothers were high school besties, and its been like that for generations of Snow Whites and Bella Venezia's. Since they're mothers were so close, Annabella knew Apple since they were babies, and just have been friends just because. They've always been close and probably always will be. Annabella is very caring for Apple, and she seems to be like the one person Annabella DOESN'T nose her way into their personal life and secrets (mainly because she already knows them bc girl talk BUT STILL).

Blackbird Witchy

Awkward frenemies, am I right? Unlike Apple's relationship with her next poisoner thatt has ended up being pretty positive, Annabella and Blackbird are just... awkward. They never meet til the first day of EAH, and there relationship has just always been... Awkward, to say the least. They've just kind of known each other and Annabella just kind of doesn't like her because she is supposed to kill her but she's just kind of "eh" about the whole thing.


Todd Blanc-Charming


Lysandra Helena Ambrosia


She is open for acquaintances.


Coraggioso and Forte

She has two hound dogs, Coraggioso (Corry) and Forte. Corry was the small and fragil runt of the litter, while Forte was the largest of their litter. Annabella loves taking Coraggioso and Forte out and playing with the little pups. She was only able to bring Forte to EAH, due to a pet policy and Corry’s fragile condition.


Circe is Annabella’s songbird got at Animal Calling. She’s normally perched on a willow tree outside her room that Annabella can excess from her dormroom balacony. She’s a troublesome bird who doesn’t get along with Forte.




Annabella is a closeted lesbian. The only people who know are a few of her honorary uncles and Ash, but besides that, no one knows, and she's rather scared to tell her parents, or anyone in general. Her fairytale promises her a prince charming, but she never wanted a prince charming, rather a Princess Charming.

Megan Diamonds






Annabella's Outfits

Signature- Royals

  • Dress- okay so I can’t link it since mobile hates me but it’s a medieval style dress that ill link to later. Sleeves and gown aren’t shorter to make it more school wearable. It is also a light pink. Over the dress is a white pulle that is meant to look like a Willow Tree.
  • Jacket- She has a black jacket that’s like Apples, with the ball gown sleeves and only going around the chest.
  • Scarf- I like scarfs, okay? It’s grey and has a rocky pattern if you know what I mean. Okay you don’t know what I mean I’ll explain later.
  • Shoes- Heels, with a tower of the heel.

Legacy Day


Getting Fairest


Hat-Tastic Party


Mirror Beach


Wave 2




Spring Unsprung


Sugar Coated


Fairest on Ice


Through the Woods


Enchanted Picnic


Way Too Wonderland


Date Night


School Spirit


Dragon Games


Epic Winter



Book Party


Brithday Ball

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Parents Day








Back to School


School Life

Class-ic Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Cooking Class-ic Hexonomics Cooking Class-ic Hexonomics Storytelling 101
Period 2 Princess-ology ~Free Period~ Princess-ology ~Free Period~ Enviormental Magic
Period 3 Kingdom Management Geography Kingdom Management Geography Throne Economics
Period 4 ~Free Period~ Science and Sorcery ~Free Period~ Science and Sorcery Princess Design
Period 5 Grimmnastics Damsel-In-Distressing Grimmnastics Damsel-In-Distressing Muse-ic
Period 6 Geografairy Chemythstry Geografairy Chemythstry ~Free Period~

Dorm Room


Alternative Universes

Genderbent AU


Reality AU

Anne William

Mirror/Never After High AU



  • Her birthday is May 20.
  • Annabella is a lesbian.
  • She is Italian on both of her parents sides.
  • Annabella really likes Carprese salads. Like, a lot. A lot. And I mean it.
  • Annabella has a pinterest board.


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Annabella Venezia


  • Her name, Annabella, is derived from her grandmothers name, Bella.
    • Her middle name, Adriana, is an Italian name meaning "dark", however, Grimms named her after Adriana Caselotti, an Italian American Voice Actress, notable for her work as Snow White in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which is based off of Snow White, which Bella Venezia is a variation of.
    • Her mother and youngest sister's were chosen because they also had the name Bella in them, or at least it would make sense for Bella to be a nickname. Her other sister, Willabella, name was originally Willow, in reference to the tree their mother was buried under, and Willabella has Bella in it and is similar to Willow.
  • Annabella was originally was a Snow Queen oc named "Flora frost", that was later turned into a Community Project, and later adopted by Grimms.


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