Erza writing her diary in the woods while eating her chocolate chip who baked by Ashlynn for her...Until Duchess snatched her diary so fast "Ohh A diary of Mrs Devilton..."Duchess grinned evily to Erza"Duchess!Stop it is my private stuff!!I will tore all your feathers !"Erza tried to threat Duchess but nothing happen "Oh my grimm I am scared...Anyway  Let me read your secrets!!"she smirked and shuffle the pages of her dairy"Oh..Dear Diary-"the ballerina paused when the devil girl snatched but missed and running "I will read this in the school microphone".."Ughhhhh"The devil girl outburst due to Duchess..

In the school

Ann fixing her hairclips infront of her locker mirror"Done now I am ready for Ah-"Maddie screamed when Kitty and Briar suprised her"Oh Kitty PIE AND  Briar.."she wiggled her eyebrows"Suprised much?"Kitty smiled at Ann"Not really.."the handless girl replied"So Annie Handy!Are you exicted to go shopping with us?"Briar asked "Oh yes!!That's why I changed my hairclip..Man my hair is too dry and let's go any-"she paused when she saw Duchess holding a crimson red diary"Catch me if you can,Ezra!"Duchess grinned "Give that is a private stuff!!!"Erza shouted"Guys!Erzy  is in a pretty bad situation!!"Kittie's eyes widen with gasp"Guys,we need to help Erza"Briar punched her fist against her palms"I am helping"Ann replied"Me too"..

When Duchess fell asleep at the floor of the hall,Kitty covered her fake notebook  using a crimson felt and a glimmering diamonds and slowly pull Erza's diary when she finally get it she grinned widely and dissapear..Briar and Ann poked Duchess "Oh..I am awake"she yawned and scratching her messy hair because of many hours of sleeping in the floor and Ann and Briar gigled"This is really good"..When Duchess finally saw the microphone in the principal's office,she impatiently grab and read while her mouth was on Mic"Dear Diary Duchess stepped at the.....rotten apple  and slipped into a horse poo!!"Duchess was shocked becasue this is not Erza's diary"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"...

At the hallway in Ever After High

Dexter and Cupid whispered"Oh my Grimm!!Duchess slipped into a horse poo!!"Cupid giggled"Yeah!It's so hillarous" Dexter grinned..When Hunter and Daring laughed "Duchess was now our comedian" Hunter said"I agree with you"..

At the Maddie's Wonderland tea shop

Maddie cant stop laughing because of Duchess"Oh my..That was very funny!"Maddie smiled while sitting at the comfy chair with Briar,Kitty,Ann and Erza.."Thank you guys,you save me from Duchess withou your help..She will spread my secret in the whole school and Milton will kicked me off.."Erza said before sipped her tea"No problem,Erza"...After the tea party..They begin their shopping..

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