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Anouk Lebleu is the daughter of Anne from Bluebeard by Charles Perrault.



Anouk is of average height, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink and red lolita dress.


Anouk is quiet and insightful. She is always willing to help people out, especially her cousins, She is very close with her cousin Sapphira.


Anouk, the daughter of Anne, comes from a very minor aristocratic family in the kingdom of the Avenant family. Anne, the youngest of four siblings, is married to a gentleman she has loved since she was a child. Anouk is from a big family that includes fifteen cousins, among them is Bluebeard's daughter Sapphira.

Anouk is the youngest of her cousins who are attending Ever After High, but sometimes she can be more of a leader, and she is protective of Sapphira, who is due to marry the next Bluebeard. Anouk would like to help out Sapphira and protect her from an awful wedded life.

Anouk also likes being part of yearbook club, which she has joined recently. Her friend Alix Spirituel is also part of the club and the two often collaborate on various projects.



Anouk is the daughter of Anne, who is the younger sister of Bluebeard's last wife. Anne and her sister also have two older brothers.

Anouk has a younger brother named Adam (age 10), and two younger sisters, Lou (age 7) and Iris (age 5).


Anouk is friends with her cousins Sapphira, Louis, and Mathieu.

She is on good terms with her roommate.





Anouk's surname means "the blue" in French.

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