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'Til Death will they part.
Toni, when she accepted her role

Antoinette 'Toni' Esmay Wocky-Cupid [she/her] is a 2020-introduced and all-around/fiction-only character. She is the only daughter of Amorette Cupid and Jaiden Wocky from the myth/story Cupid and Psyche and the younger sister of Caspian Benjamin Wocky-Cupid. She attends Ever After HIgh in her Legacy Year. Since her brother is taking their father's role, Toni decides to take the role of Cupid in the fable Death and Cupid, in which she becomes a Royal because she believes in soulmates to death.



Antoinette is more of her father than her brother is, showing the dark side of the Cupid family. Toni isn't one to show her feelings often as she is more open to her sadistic nature, much like her father and aunt Juniper were. This only happens when she's around people she doesn't trust at all.

Things are different if Toni deems them trustworthy. She is more nicer to people she and is typically kind, good-hearted and well-mannered. Toni is also quite witty, creative and somewhat artistic. Toni is also very compassionate, loving and empathetic and can easily see through others when they are in pain.


Like her older brother, Toni has cream skin and purple eyes that she got from her father's side of the family. Her hair is a long, midnight black with never ending curls.

Fairytale – Death and Cupid

How the Story Goes

Cupid, one sultry summer's noon, tired with play, and faint with heat, went into a cool grotto to repose himself, which happened to be the cave of Death. He threw himself carelessly down on the floor, and his quiver turning topsy-turvy, all the arrows fell out, and mingled with those of Death, which lay scattered up and down the place.

When he awoke he gathered them up as well as he could; but they were so intermingled, that though he knew the certain number, he could not rightly distinguish them; from which it happened that he took some of the arrows which belonged to Death, and left several of his own in the room of them.

This is the cause that we now and then see the hearts of the old and decrepit transfixed with the bolts of Love; and, with equal grief and surprise, behold the youthful, blooming part of our species smitten with the darts of Death.

How does Antoinette come into it?

After her parents' story, her brother was instantly born with the role of Cupid, so Toni lived out most of her life without a destiny. But while Cupid was looking after her, she found a file with the title Cupid and Death. Cupid almost forgot about this destiny as it wasn't that big of a role.


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  • Her birthday July 6th, making her a Cancer.
    • July 6th is also known as International Kissing Day.
    • July is often known as the Pride Month.
  • Her theme song is Trouble by Annella.
  • Her voice claim would be the voice of Junko Enoshima from the game/anime Danganropna.





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