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Aprileene on winter

Aprileene Chills
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Character Profile
Parent The Snow Queen
Parent Story The Snow Queen
Age 15 1/2
Alignment Icon-Rebel Rebel
Roommate Toadaline Viper
Secret Heart's Desire Oh, I want to leave the palace and actually not see snow almost every day. I want to visit the garden of eternal summer as well!
My "Magic" Touch My kisses have their own power, but I'm not just going to run around and kiss other fairytales!
Storybook Romance Status Like I said, I'm not going to run around and give kisses to anyone!
Oh "Curses!" Moments Everyone keeps thinking that I'm going to kidnap them like my mom did to Kai! All I'd be willing to do to children is give them hugs and candy.
Favorite Subject I was thinking Environmental Magic. I mean, I've always loved nature! There isn't much nature in the winter.
Least Favorite Subject History of Evil Spells. It just had to be evil.
Best Friends Forever After Polarianne Ice! She's pretty cool!

Aprileene Chills is a 2015-introduced and all-around character. She is the warm and sunny daughter of the Snow Queen, and the heir to the throne. Forced to take classes like General Villainy and History of Evil Spells, one could see why she has chosen to be a Rebel. With a charmingly bubbly attitude, Aprileene can't help but just be less of the Snow Queen that is expected of her.

She is distantly related to Raven Queen and closely related in each other's view of destiny.




Aprileene has a generally bubbly and charming personality for an antagonist of her story. She is sunny, airheaded and ditzy, much the opposite of her mother. She is a bright and energetic young princess, who is often mistaken to have ice powers when she even doesn't.

Bubbly and full of energy, Aprileene channels her energy is her favorite thing to do: gardening. While she is doing so, her attention span shrinks from the tiny thing that it already is. Because of this, Aprileene is labeleled flighty and naive. She gets both distracted and excited easily, her mind slipping between two worlds.

She tends to lose sight of things' importance, or rather, prioritize everything wrong, as shown in her diary. April is known to give way more credit than one deserves, also shown in her diary. She's also largely a girly girl, who does the stereotypical things such as gossiping, shopping and wearing pink. Leaving that aside, April's goal in life is to break stereotypes. She wants erase the thought of archetypes from people's stories. April grew up from the belief that nothing is original. Everything has been used before and you only add your own twist to it.

Aprileene is lively, sweet and understanding. Though she can be rather chilling at times, she's mostly the warm and sunny princess that she is. She also makes very bad puns, which make everyone laugh and are therefore good puns. Her most favorite things in the world are puns, pink, flowers and vintage. She's somewhat of a hipster, really.

Though April's personal favorite season is spring, she loves winter in the way that it 'brings people together to huddle in front of the fire.' However, she can't necessarily huddle in the fire with her family because they don't really like fire. Her family's pretty cold and unnerving, the exact opposite of April. April's pretty much a ditz. She's sweet yet naive, but still lovable. Either way, she's almost always friendly and sociable. Though her most defining characteristic is her silliness, her character is still somewhat flexible.


She has honey blonde hair and icy blue eyes, pretty much a cool girl. Her skin is generally pale and she loves wearing items of spring, and pink. Let's never forget pink. She is always seen wearing a flower tiara, apparently.

Fairy tale – The Snow Queen

How the Story Goes

The Snow Queen

How Aprileene Comes Into It

Though the details of the creation of April and her brother are unknown, it is best that those details stay that way. Some would say that they were both simply carved from blocks of ice but who knows?



April has a younger brother named Aquilo. Though it is known that Aquilo is more fitting for the job of Snow Queen, the two have a warm relationship consisting of hugs, kisses and freezing each other.

April is not very close to her mother, but the Snow Queen is, as Aprileene puts, a good mother with seemingly bad intentions.


With her charming, extroverted and bubbly personality, April can't help but deem everyone a friend. Being the daughter of the chilling Snow Queen, hardly anyone finds her as a friend. She is close to her roommate, Toadaline Viper, who understands what it is to be different from their mothers. Being a nature girl, her love for it has led her to bee close with the both Ashlynn Ella and Reyna Flores.

She is also friends with Rani Chuviñosa.


She has a reindeer (who is basically the son of Bae the reindeer) named Blitz.


Avoiding the abuse of her powers, Aprileene is trying not to read into this.


She is known to wear spring colors (mostly pink) and is always seen wearing somewhat of a flower tiara. She avoids the clothes that represent her story, but her jewelry is all for it either way.

Art Aprileene's Outfits

art (c) Madame O'Front


April's favorite things are puns, vintage, flowers and cotton candy pink. Since you can't make a pun dress, she went for the next three things. April wears a vintage pink-and-white sleeveless floral dress tied at her waist by a strip of pink cloth. A dark pink ruffle trim lines a straight neckline and is hung around April's shoulders by two dark pink straps. She wears translucent pastel pink tights, paired with pink and pastel heels. Her flower crown is, like everything else she wears, pink. Because she has to, her accessories present snowflakes, mostly of the pink shade. Her necklace is simple, hanging from it is a silver and pink snowflake pendant. She wears a pink leather snap clasp bracelet, also designed with a snowflake. Finally, her earrings are, as all of her accessories are, pink and designed with a pink snowflake. This girl will never get tired of floral and pink.

Legacy Day


Getting Fairest


Mirror Beach


Hat-tastic Tea Party



art (c) TheBeautifulFear

Wave 2

Aprileene's Wave Two outfit sports more color choices than her previous. She wears a pastel pink dress that reaches past her knees, patterned with motifs such as the sun, a rainbow and som raindrops. The edge of the dress is lined with blue ruffled trim. A short-sleeved bolero floral pink bolero covers her shoulders. A flower crown, and literally a crown, holds her hair up, and a pink beaded necklace hangs from her neck, as does its snowfalke pendant. She wears floral white heels with pink platform and straps, with heels looking much like flowers.



Spring Unsprung


Enchanted Picnic


Sugar Coated


Fairest on Ice


Through the Woods


Way too Wonderland


Date Night

If there are any AprileenexSomeone ships, then I'll be making this thing. However, the Springleene is just a crack ship.


  • Her name is generally a pun of the Spring season.
  • She was carved sometime in November. More specifically, November 11.


It's either summer or spring, but I like both!
Her favorite season


  • She was born out of the creator's dream of a not cold and distant Snow Queen OC.
  • In portrayals, Aprileene would be voiced by Dionne Quan, who voices Trixie Tang from Butch Hartman's Fairly Odd Parents.


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