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Aquamarinesandopals, AKA Spades (he/him) or Mina (she/her) is a 2015 introduced and all around character. Some users call them Admina or Adrien. They're a 20 year old living in Scotland, with very little idea of what they're doing. 

Spades has ADHD, anxiety, and depression.


  • Sun Pisces / Moon Cancer (March 7th), ESFP, Tiger, Hufflepuff and would-be child of Aphrodite.
  • Their favourite EAH characters (at the moment) are Apple, Darling and Briar.
  • Their all time favourite characters are Denmark and Finland from Hetalia.
  • Spades' favourite colour is pastel pink.
  • Their yearbook lists their greatest achievement as drinking 5 pints of milk in one day.
  • Their life goal is to have one of these made about them. (warning: homestuck spoilers)
  • They didn't think their username would have a capital at the beginning and it's really annoying them because it doesn't allow them to remain cool B) at all times.
  • They used to offer free art to people who could guess the joke behind their skype name.

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