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it is okay every hard sucky adult experience i have helps me write better peter and wendy ocs

Aquamarinesandopals, otherwise known as Spades is a 2015 introduced character. You may hear him referred to as Spud, Spadmin, Sapdes, Spad, or Spade. They have previously gone by the name Mina (she/her). Spades is 22, lives in Scotland, and uses he/him pronouns.

About Spades

Incoming point of view (and grammar) change!

hello, my name is spades. ive been a user since 2015 an admin since 2016. please let me know if you need anything!

ever after high is one of my main interests, naturally, and i similarly love fairytales, folklore, nursery rhymes, mythology, etc. my favourite eah character is probably alistair, who actually isnt an eah character but my own oc, sorry mattel (write him better next time).

my other main interest at the moment is LOONA, so i apologise in advance for any kpop on main. talk to me about the LOONAverse if you want to see me have a break down!

outwith fandoms, i draw a lot and hope to write more.


my main job around here is to keep things tidy, to keep the rules present, and to code (for some reason? i actually cant code at all). im kind of just an ideas guy who is oddly anal about rules and organization.

my fellow admin zena is often busy, so if you need help, youll often get me instead. sorry!

of note: i have adhd, depression, and anxiety, which impacts the work i am able to do, day depending. you can read more about it here.

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Spades walks into a room like. Sup i just pooped and also? I’m a pisces


“no i know i can read dw” “couldve fooled me”


Spades, sobbing: guys the theming


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