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A New Orentation

Every life is like a petal of a flower, once the petal falls off then your life is over, but then a new flower will blossom and your life will be created over again into someone else.

People should cherish flowers and life. I just love that quote! Its so beautiful and I hope people will understand that live is precious and they will stop hating their life. I wonder if I should say that during my story..oh and I apologize for not doing this earlier, I am Arabella Rose. I am the daughter of Belle from the famous fairytale Beauty and the Beast. I attend Ever After High, where the sons or daughters of fairytale characters, learn how to become the next generation of fairytales! I have to say there are some students are not fit with their "destiny", a student's destiny is there path to take the places of their parents in their fairytales. The ones who don't like their destiny are called "Rebels", and the ones who agree with their destiny and they like it are called "Royals". I suppose I am a Royal since i'm perfectly fine with my destiny of being the next Belle. I am the eldest daughter so I've learned more than my little sister Bella Rose. Now my diary is going to begin! Sit tight and get your reading eyes ready!

Chapter 1


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