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Money is all I care about, darling.
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Arianna Gold, full name Arianna Goldheart, or simply called Ari, is a 2020-introduced and all-around character belonging to the Ever After High franchise. She is the granddaughter of King Midas and the daughter of Marigold from the story, King Midas and the Golden Touch. She is to take the role of her grandfather.



Arianna was a fun and lovable child before she entered middle school. She was the most optimistic person anybody could meet until third grade, which is when she realized money and fame was all that mattered, at least, in her perspective.

So now, Arianna tries as hard as possible to gain attention from her fellow students and classmates. Her family was rich for a short amount of time, but she would lie that she was still rich. To add on to that, Arianna does anything to appear "more" rich. She pretties herself up, lies about her family background, and even shortened her last name so it won't appear as if only her heart was made of gold.

Ari is a very photogenic person. She takes many selfies and looks good in all of them, though she complains about the littlest of flaws in her spare time. To everyone else, she is perfect.


Beauty is pain, darling.

Arianna is of Greek descent and of average height, standing at 5'5. She has fair skin with pink cheeks and brown eyes. She has natural wavy brown hair which she bleached blonde to fit into the beauty standards, so the brown roots are still visible.


Fairy tale — King Midas and the Golden Touch

Once, the greedy King Midas did a good deed for a satyr and was granted a wish by Dionysus. He wished that whatever he touched would turn to gold. At first, he was happy, until he couldn't eat anything and his daughter Marigold turned into a gold statue. He begged Dionysus for his wish to be taken back, so for the last time, his wish was granted and Marigold was saved.

Destiny conflict

If I'm going to end up losing my money in my story, then I'd rather not follow my destiny at all.

— Arianna in her diary

In the destiny conflict, Arianna Goldheart is a Rebel. She doesn't want to have lots of money then lose it all in the end. However, because she was never able to sign the Storybook of Legends since she is a grade younger than Raven Queen, her peers never found out the reason why she's a Rebel.



Arianna has a somewhat good relationship with her mother, Marigold Goldheart. Ari and her mom were very close until high school. Since Marigold is a really sensitive and smart person, she easily figured out Ari's secret. She disapproves of what her daughter is doing and only wants her daughter to be happy. Arianna pities her mother, but still loves her and does things in secret to help her.

Ari's father is a businessman named Craig McRoc. He called Arianna a "mistake" but she still tries as hard as possible to please him.

Ari's grandfather is King Midas. Arianna is to follow his destiny if she were able to. He and Arianna don't interact that much.


Arianna and Jessica, who is her father's mistress, only talked a few times, but Arianna and Jessica have a lot of similarities. Arianna acts and dresses like Jessica because Ari believes that that's the only way people would like her.


Doll line Art Motifs
First Chapter TBA
  • Half up space buns
  • Large hoop earrings
  • White crop top with teddy bear coat and diamond-looking skirt
  • Chanel bag
  • Black chunky heels with diamonds
Legacy Day N/A N/A
Getting Fairest TBA
  • Hair clipped with diamond clips
  • White nightgown with a gold design and a lace hem with a light blue robe
  • Light blue heeled fuzzy slippers
Thronecoming N/A N/A
Way Too Wonderland TBA TBA
Reality's Page TBA
  • Curled bangs, black headband with three diamond accessories on it
  • White crop top with a teddy bear coat and denim shorts
  • Black heels
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Freshman year

  1. History of Tall Tales
  2. Fashion Design
  3. Grimmnastics
  4. Mythmatics
  5. Creative Storytelling
  6. Science & Sorcery

Sophomore year

  1. Track and Shield
  2. Ceramics 1
  3. Chemythstry
  4. Crownculus
  5. Tall-Tale Studies
  6. Ever After History


  • King Midas named Arianna.
    • King Midas originally wanted his daughter Marigold's name to be Marianne, which is what inspired Arianna's name.
    • King Midas also wanted Arianna's name to be "Dionisia" in honor of Dionysus.
  • Most students at EAH consider Ari the "sophomore Apple White."
  • She secretly wants to be a fashion designer.
  • Only one person who isn't part of her family knows about her secret so far.
  • She was based off an English assignment which was to write an "empathetic" Creative Writing story based on a shoe you chose (Jewels chose the heels which is how Arianna was born).
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