"Its all about keeping your eyes on the prize and winning!"

-Arisha to Cerise Hood

Arisha Author is an upcoming 2016-introduced and all-around character. She is part of King Author's story presumably to be the next "Queen Author" , and she is a student at Ever After High. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Royal side. As the next Author, Arisha can be quite competitive and a bit egotistical to the advantage where she's always focuses on winning.


In English, Arisha Author is voiced by Elizabeth Gillies.



Although very little is known about Arisha, she seems to be a person who can be very egotistical.


Arisha has light tan skin, light emerald eyes, and brown hair with tan streaks. she also has a feather that is pinned on the right side of her head.


Arisha has a passion for Archery and get lessons from her father.

Fairy tale

 King Author



Her father is King Author but little is known about her mother.


It is said Arisha is the old best friend of Hunter Huntsman and met at Heroism camp but little is known if they have actually crossed paths or not. Arisha is very close to Cerise Hood.

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