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Killing an animal just because it is wanted to happen, not needed well I think that isn't right so I'm not.
Aristide to Terrian d'Herblay
Aristide D'Artagnan
Character Profile
Parent D'Artagnan
Parent Story The Three Musketeers
Age I'm 15
Alignment Icon-Royal Royal
Roommate Terrian d'Herblay He seems to be a good friend but does get supisious of me at times.
Secret Heart's Desire Sometimes I wish people would see why killing animals is always needed.
My "Magic" Touch I'm good at fighting skills if anything.
Storybook Romance Status I'm looking for one who loves me for my personaitly not looks, but etheir way I don't care much for love, I mean I'll go on a date here and there.
Oh "Curses!" Moments what do you hate about life
Favorite Subject seriously what's good about school
Least Favorite Subject this one class i don't like
Best Friends Forever After are you lonely

Aristide D'Artagnan is a 2015-introduced and all-around character. He is the son of the famous D'Artagnan from The Three Musketeers. He is a brave, kind-hearted, animal protector, and has some annoying habits.


What is Aristide Like?

He is a brave soul, very kind to people, a protector of animals, and is much more.

Why is he brave, have you met a Musketeer that isn't brave. He is brave in any battle he has to fight in, he might do it for love or for his freinds. No matter what he will try to be brave.

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