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Arteleyre (art-el-ire) is a member of this wikia. Arteleyre is the Harry Treadaway's future wife and also the Head Caterpiller Controller.

About Me 

Real Name: Hana, well thats my name in Japanese where I'm from. But, my name in English is Blossom. I like Hana better though.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese/British

Ethnicity: Japanese

My little babys ~

Mega Babes

Carly Heart

Maidonna Dozenth

Ehemann and Brautt Hochzeit Emme Mort

Mini Babes

Sweeti Oatz

Sohn Esel

Funsai Wakamono

RP only babes

Sachie Buquette Blesse Chat

Retired and no use for them Babes

Koroleva Lebedozero



Hana as 11 sisters and brothers. 6 little and 3 big sisters + 2 big brothers. You could say the house is crowded. Only 8 live with us because they are old. Youngest is 2, Oldest is 26.


The Amazing AmaZeMenTS

Hana classes Zem as a friend, or BF because they are both in love with photography. They are both nerds at heart.

Random Facts

  • Hana owns a Nikon Coolpix L27. It has 16.1 megapixels
  • Hana has a random habit of calling people hun and babe, don't be alarmed if you get called it.
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