Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting.
Dave Barry
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ArtemisDonut [they/them] is a 2015-introduced character. They are commonly called Cier (as opposed to always being called Cier, logically).


my name is Cie

and wen its nite,

or wen evrione

is sleping tite,

and wki usrs

haf gon to bed

i stay up lat.

but onli n my tymzon.

Hello! I joined this wiki one certain June 5 and I've been monkeying about ever since.

My interests:

  • EAH, and thus fairytales, mythology, and folkore.
  • Music, mostly jazz, citypop, and Kpop. I also play instruments, and would like to get into production!
  • Theatre
  • Art, this was coming yeah. I think they feel like they go hand in hand?
  • Love Nikki Dress UP Queen

Other interests that don't really fit:

  • umbrellas
  • frogs
  • peaches/nectarines
  • nautical motifs
  • orange, as a color, and sometimes a fruit
  • aristocrat lolita (?)
  • city skyline (especially with a sunset)


frogis nectarinae, also known by the colloquial term Cier, can definitely not be identified by their wardrobe, which consists of beautiful camouflage in the various exquisite shades of black. You may identify them by their signature striking call: "stan loona".


  • I've spent about 1/3 of my life with the wikia! I was pretty young when I started, so this place will forever hold a special place in my heart.
  • I play the alto sax but I really want to branch out. Instruments I'd like to learn how to play: erhu, jazz organ, and more.
  • If I use heart emojis, I usually use a pink (ish) one and a blue one, sometimes with a diamond in them. They are here for copying convenience: 💗💙💎


Some things are just meant to be said.

"saw you hangin' out with eah yesterday"
"m-monster high! it's not what you think-"
"i won't hesitate, bitch"
mh becomes a good franchise again
meeshell: "it's myshell"
Zena: "I like how Cerise's token colour is........ cerise"
the evil queen's sorority is called epoison alphle pi(e)
Me: "first!" Spades: "OI"
Hidden: "I would like to count my cows please"
false. 100% of people can open doors. locked georg, who lives in a cave is unable to open any doors at all and therefore is an outlier and should not be counted
Spades: "develop ur lockpicking skills like the rest of us dickhead"
hi im jk the 13th member of loona my colour is neutral green and my animal is the LOBSTER my fruit is also the lobster. dont ask questions
Me: "Miraculous! Lobster the best! Up to the test when things go crab!"
spades, sitting in a rocking chair, knitting a sweater, chewing on a single wheat
Tay: ""is that a whEAT"


Y'know, I keep thinking back to this whole multiverse thing. If there's really an infinite number of parallel universes, then that means there's probably an infinite number of stories out there that still need to be told. Maybe some of them are funny. Maybe some of them are sad. Maybe some of them start off looking funny, but then totally hit you with the bait-and-switch, and get you all sad. I dunno. As long as there's stories, there needs to be storytellers. And that, is where you come in. Tell your story! It could be one in a billion others, but it'll be yours. Make it about the Reds. Make it about the Blues. Heck, make it about some other group of soldiers that no one ever heard about until you told them. Show us villains that tell themselves they're heroes. Build entire worlds brick by brick! Teach the galaxy about friendship! But whatever you do, don't. Stop. Because a universe without stories, well, that's just empty space.
*sigh* 555-V-I-C-K
When I first described them, I called them heroes. But that may have been premature. What I've come to understand after spending time with them is that they're more than that. They're stupid... and arrogant... and lazy... and selfish... and stubborn. None of the qualities any reasonable person would call heroic. What they've taught me is that... it's not the sum of your parts that makes you who you are. It's not what you're endowed with, not your intelligence or strength, but what you hold onto throughout the hardest trials of life. These people have shown me that real heroes are not born, they're forged. A friend told me once that there's no faith but what you make. What makes a hero is their ability to choose light over darkness. To walk through fire and not be burned. To fall from great heights and not be broken. To be changed and reborn and be better for it again and again.
Dylan Andrews, Interstellar Daily

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