Arthur, born from the Prince and the Mermaid, is now destined to find his own princess, but has a problem with transforming into certain beasts pertaining to his mood. Whether it be nervousness, anger or happiness, Arthur will go into a certain animal.

Arthur is new at Ever After, so first reactions were everything. He was rushed by many students and asked about the story, alignment and what he thought about it. He did not know what they meant and ignored many of the comments made on the side by the student-body that he was a Rebel.

To make sure his was following his destiny, he met with his grandfather who took the role of the Prince before his father and grandson. His grandfather told him to just follow what's right and never give in, clearly stating that his grandfather will accept him being either Royal or Rebel.


  1. Arthur Junne
  2. Arthur's mother
  3. Arthur's father
  4. Arthur's sister
  5. Arthur's grandfather
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