-sounds like a pleasant tone from an ashiko(a type of drum)-(translation)

Mirror,mirror,on the wall,who's the most awesome and beautiful of them all?
Ashiko when admiring herself in a reflection.


Ashiko Kestrel is the daughter of the little bird from Peter and the Wolf. She's a Neutral because even though she's fine with her destiny and can't wait to play it out,she doesn't like the part where one of her best friends,Trumpetra,is eaten alive by the wolf. Also,Ashiko is very uncomfortable when being around wolves and half-wolves and would be uncomfortable in the tale even when she was in the parade.



If you could understand Ashiko's words,she'd seem like the vainest person alive. She always loves looking at herself in the mirror,has a high opinion of herself,and is always seen fixing her hair or something like that. She's also the most fashionable of her friends,always being in style and loving to read fashion magazines. She can also be a bit inconsiderate.

That being said,her friends don't hang out with her without a reason. She does actually care for her friends,cheering them on and feeling general concern for them when they're in trouble. She also can be quite observant and smart,often finding loopholes in plans and knowing a great deal of knowledge from her classes. Lastly,out of all of the girls,she's the most able to stand up to bullies,often protecting her friends from them(even if the bully has no idea what she's saying) and confronting them when they're teasing her right on the spot.

In conclusion,Ashiko isn't a bad girl once you get to know her. It's just hard to do that since she has a big ego.


Ashiko has long,silver-blue hair,eyes that are a nice shade of brown,pale skin,and has a tall stature.



Her mom and dad are always complimenting and spoilering her. Her dad is often away at work,so that's all he can do,but her mom is always at home,and even though she tries to connect to her daughter a bit more,it just falls apart to another complimenting fest.


Ashiko's friends are the only reason why she doesn't act like a spoiled brat. She's known them since they were in preschool,and almost always bring her back down to earth when she starts acting selfish. Sure,they fight once in a while,as all friends do,but they've been with her since the start,and all of them are almost like sisters to one another.


Basically,all of Ashiko's enemies are bullies from Ever After High or people who are annoyed by her actions.



Ashiko wears a light blue dress with a thin,light brown belt in the middle,orange slippers,and a brown headband.

Legacy Day

Ashiko wears a long dress with colors of a kestrel on it and orange slippers.

Getting Fairest

Ashiko wears a orange shirt,a blue skirt,and black slippers.

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