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Ashvin is an adventurous prince who is always up for an obstacle course in Grimnastic. But he is not interests to the next daughter of a another sultan instead he has crush on Marian Wish.


When he and Marian came to Ever After High. He wore a purple sherwani and turban with a red bangles. But Marian decides that they should wear something to look like the natives in Ever After. So he wore a red fedora and a purple vest covering a long sleeved white turtle neck shirt with a red pants. On his feet were a pair of red sneakers and he still have his red bangles on his wrist.

How does Ashvin comes to it?

His is destined to be the next Aladdin



His father,Sultan Aladdin,was a beggar before and now king. He is adventurous like Ashvin. His mother put him in an arranged marriage with a princess


Marian Wish is his friend since they were kids. They often got in trouble at the castle


His pet is a tiger,Sultan


He has a crush at Marian Wish. He doesn't know she has a crush on him

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